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I think a HIPPA law was violated.
I went for a pre-employment drug test at an Acme Market store in New Jersey. The person at the counter gave me a stick to collect saliva. I was standing out in the open in the store where the customers and employees could see me taking the test. One of their employees even made a remark about my privacy. Is this a HIPPA voilation?
I do not think so. But speak to a PI attorney. The law is to protect information. This is not even a procedure.
If my license is suspended in Trenton New Jersey if I move to Morrisville PA would I be able to get a PA license
What license is suspended in Trenton New Jersey for DUI if I'm off tomorrow but I'll be able to get a PA driver's license
Does the statue of limitations apply, never any problems since!
I was arrested for dwi 13 years ago & never went to court, I hired an attorney to represent me & I continuously called him for months following to ask when my court date was. He thought that the records were lost because I never went to court. I am applying for a correction officer & this showed up 13 yrs later,
No. Since you were issued the summons in a timely fashion there is no Statute of Limitations issue. However, due to...
Can my recent DWI conviction negatively effect condition removal process on my green card?
While having a pending status for removing a condition on my green card I got convicted for DWI in NJ, its first time ever, neither before nor after I have never had even a parking ticket, no criminal record in my life. It was a simple DWI, just 90 days suspension with 12 hours IDRC, that's it. How bad can it effect my green card pending case? Does USCIS conduct any driving record check, since in NJ DWI counts as a traffic violation? and can I apply later for a citizenship?
Yes, the USCIS does conduct a very through background check. Your past can have an adverse effect on the possibility of...
How far back will an insurance company see a DUI on my driving record?
I received a DUI in 2005 have not driven since then. I just got a license and will be looking for car insurance. I am wondering if my premium will still be effected since has been a decade. Thank you!
No offense on your driving abstract ever disappears in NJ. If is possible the insurance carrier will not care, it is...
Yesterday got the ticket for careless driving and DWI, its the first offence ever, what could happen in a worst scenario?
Got CDLwith clear record, but 2 days ago got DWI ticket driving my friends regular car, after they gave me back my DL back, did not say anything about suspension. Can I still drive before the court makes a decision and if it can influence my immigration status, have recently apply for removing a condition and before the court gotta go for two weeks back to my country, is there any risk being not admittable back to the US?
Getting a ticket is not the same as being convicted. Obviously a conviction will bring a suspension even for a regular...
If i have a DUI in MD, will my new license in NJ get suspended after 45 days?
I recently got a DUI in MD, 1 day before i was moving to NJ. My MD attorney told me immediately get a license in NJ, which i did. But, due to the interstate compact will my license in NJ be suspended when my MD is? Also, they seem to think that it won't be. Is this correct or should i look at getting an interlock system? My suspension will start at the end of April.
Yes. NJ treats a DWI conviction from out of state as isn't happened in state. Therefore, you'll get the same license...