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How can I get my KY license reinstated 8-9 yrs after a DUI??
my KY license was suspended 8-9 yrs ago for my first offense DUI. I never paid my fines or did any of the stuff they wanted me to do. how can I get my KY license reinstated now??
Hire a criminal defense attorney in your area: The attorney will locate the case, redocket it, make a...
Ai and dui
will an AI effect me in getting my drivers licence back its my first ai within 3 years just wondeering if it would efffect me getting my licence back next year thansk
Al (first or second offense) is not a crime in KY, it is a violation. It will not affect your KY drivers license.
At the end of March 2011, a friend of mine was arrested in a gas station parking lot for DUI. He was out of the vehicle and had hung out at the gas station for about 5 hours. He was taking Rx meds. Can he be charged with a DUI? He does have a public defender, but the lawyer stays busy and usually doesn't talk to him when he calls.
Yes, anyone can be charged with anything. The real question is can he be convicted of DUI under the circumstances and...
Can my lawyer help with a federal violation of probation with a d.u.i?
I am on federal probation and just got a dui. This is the first time I violated. I have been doing good since i got out in February 2016. I have two prior dui's in '99 and '01. I did ten years prior to getting out .
You should probably ask your lawyer that question. If you were appointed an attorney through the CJA (i.e. federal...
What's my best argument to beat dui and possesion charge?
I was in passenger seat cleaning papers and typical junk out of my vehicle at the dollar store but keys were in the ignition. The state police pulled up and said they had gotten a call of erratic driving. They talked to me for a second and then gave me a field sobriety test. I explained that I had major surgery the day before on my leg and couldn't do what they wanted. So then they brought up a blood test which I turned down on the grounds I didn't know what they had given me at the hospital during surgery and afterward while I was recovering. They searched the vehicle and found a pill bottle, mine. In it was a small bag of meth about 3/4 of a gram, a couple Suboxone pills and a bud of weed. So I was charged with possession of the above and dui. I've been indicted by the Grand jury on these charges but they kicked the dui down to the lower court. So I have 2 court dates. I'm out on 250 bond. They 10% 2500$. I'm sorry for what I did but I need some help desperately. I just completed a 2 year diversion for a possesion of 1 Percocet. Nothing else on record and no violence. What am I looking at and what can i do? Thank you for any possible help!
All serious issues that need the attention of an attorney who can look at the case in more detail. There are several...
What does "fugitive disposition" mean on a pending DUI?
I have missed 2 court dates due to my mental illness. I was hospitalized for 13 days. My public defender wants me to have my doctor fax over the documents. I was told that I did not have a warrant but my status is "fugitive disposition" what does that mean? Can I still be arrested before another court date is on record? Thank you for your consideration.
You have an attorney. A public defender has as much knowledge, if not more, than most other private attorneys. As your...
Is it mandatory for evocation for DUI if you're found guilty?
I was pulled over last night on my motorcycle for speeding and I was given a breathalyzer I was over .08 and cited for DUI is that automatic relocation or what is the steps I have to go through
As an avid motorcyclist myself I can tell you DUIs on bikes are unique cases. You should seek representation asap!!!