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What happens after i refuse to take a drug test for cps?
Cps was called and someone said i smoke pot i refuse to take a drug test i have taken drug tests for cps before and i have always passed.
You can be violated for refusing to take a drug test - Just as though you had failed, although if you know you are...
I am in need of help please with some advise: I am on a fixed income.
I have DUI conviction. And I am in hopes to have fines paid off, but will have the DUI SCHOOL done in October 2016. Given that I am also a single 45 grandmother with history of cancer and am not able to keep my Dr appointments for my own health but more importantly for my two grandsons 7&5. Can I file a request for Hardship license? Appreciate any advise on this matter, Sandra
It really depends on the jurisdiction. I know that in Washington County, the answer is no. The only option is the (...
What is the statute of limitations for a driving on revoked liscense first offense ?
I went to court the judge posponed my court date for 6 months to provide me the opportunity to regain my license but before I regained my driving privileges I was incarcerated in a different county on unrelated charges and remained in that facility for one year.i wrote the court clerk and sheriff's department where my first charge occurred to be transported to my pending court date and was not provided transportation by this county to court date in their county.this occurred approximately 18 months ago.can this still be held against me at this time or did I just slip through the cracks.
If the case was already filed in court, the statute of limitations do not apply to your situation. I'm not sure what...
What will the judge give me for driving on revoked? When your license are revoked over first offense DUI and still on probation.
Got caught driving while my license are revoked over DUI. So how long will I have to go to jail
Uncertain. Your bigger problem is a possible probation violation for a new arrest while in probation for a DUI. You...
On probation for a drug related charges. Filed a drug test
My boyfriend is on probation for a drug charge it's his first charge first time being in trouble. He had to take a drug test for his P.O. and he didn't pass it!!! They let him go then signed a warrant on him and came and got him and now his awaiting bonding hearing. What could happen too him he get a off probation in 2 1/2 months? Please help!!!!
If we assume from the way your question is written that your boyfriend was on probation and while on probation failed a...
I have my first DUI and my case went upstairs but my lawyer never told me it was a fee till 3days before
So now I don't have the funds he wants money but never told me and my case coming up in a couple days.. What to do? Do I go to court anyway without a lawyer or don't show up?
You absolutely must go to court upstairs to Criminal Court. If you fail to appear a warrant will be issued for your...
I am on Probation for driving on suspended license. I failed a drug test. What will likely happen ??
I am on Probation for driving on suspended license. What will likely happen?
You will have to go to Court because the State will issue a Probation Violation Warrant against you. You will need a...