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Will I still have to appear for my court date that is for not paying my DUI fine if I pay it all right away?
I have gone through every step of the courts requirements after getting a DUI. I did however forget to pay my fine. Thinking my troubles were over I just got a summons to appear for not paying the fine. The court date is 20 days away. So if I pay it all right away, will they still require me to come in for my hearing?
That is a question for your attorney. Every case is different.
Does action counseling in Port Orchard use ETG test for UA?
Pretty straight forward question. Tuesday night I had a half a glass of wine. I couldn't sleep or relax and my heart rate was high so I thought it might help but I ended up throwing up right after. Then Friday morning I had a UA. I'm kicking myself in the butt because I offered to do it. Totally forgot about the wine.
I have no specific experience with that particular treatment place, but yes, alcohol can be detected for days after use...
I was recently arrested for a dui in kitsap county. I had bac of .077. I have a delivery driving job and do not want to lose it.
I did not think I was impaired at the time, and still think that was the case
What you think is unimportant. Get a DUI attorney ASAP and stay off the internet.
Can my Fiancé and I get sole custody of her two children after her Ex-Husband recently got his second DUI within 3 years?
We have been having a custody battle for a while now. He claimed she isn't a good enough parent and that an illness should prevent her from having the children. Then he agreed to split custody and now a couple of months later he has a second DUI after having one in 2013. He hasn't told us about it, we found out through the court system because we knew he was a ticking time bomb.
I haven't seen people lose custody for a DUI charge even when they were driving drunk with the kids in the car but,...
Son age 20 now, would like to move his requirements from Washington State to Oregon State.
Son got DUI at 17. After turning 18, he had a court appearance. It was decided that he had to pay his fine, check in with a parole officer, go before a victims panel, even though the victim was the friends dog that he swerved to miss, and do Outpatient Treatment. The DUI was actually for pot. Now he would like to transfer all of this to Oregon from Washington. Can he do that?
You will have to ask the parole officer about entering into an "interstate agreement." Through this agreement, the...
I had one 12 oz colors light will i pass my ignition interlock test in eight hours
Ignition interlock
We're lawyers here, not doctors. Better ask WebMD.
What are the repercussions of a first time DUI?
I was arrested on a DUI charge, the paperwork said "physical control" because the polic officers did not see me driving my vehicle, but I got stuck in a ditch. The judge released me the next day, because I had no prior criminal history, but in the state of AZ last year I had disorderly conduct and theft. Do they not look at charges from other states? I have a court date Feb 4th, what is the punishment I am most likely looking at?
A first offense DUI has a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $5,000 fine: neither of these will ever...