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I want to reinstate my suspended/revoked license
I picked up a couple of cl driving while suspended charges and my license is suspended/revoked for 3 years. I recently moved to CA. I'm trying to reinstate it. I know that I made a very terrible mistake, but I don't believe it should be suspended nor revoked for that long. 1 year already passed by also I got locked up twice for this reason
There are actions an attorney can take on your behalf to assist you with getting your license reinstated. You should...
I have a Maryland drivers license and it got suspended in state of New Jersey for DUI. Will Maryland MVA suspend me aswell?
If Maryland Drivers License gets suspended in New Jersey for DUI will Maryland also suspend my license? If yes then should I surrender my license to MVA? How can I get the license back after my suspension period?
Yes, if you were convicted of a DUI, New Jersey will notify Maryland and Maryland will suspend your license. You may...
Do I have a legal obligation to turn in a drunk driver after the fact?
A member of my student group posted multiple videos to one of our private facebook pages of himself driving. He was taking these videos with his phone (Which I believe is illegal in Maryland.) Also, he claims in the video that he had been drinking a lot that night. He got home safely without incident on the road. We took the videos down but have them saved somewhere. Are we legally responsible to turn them in? Are we criminally negligible if we don't? Could he himself even get in trouble at this point?
You honestly think you HAVE TO report someone else's possible crime else or get into trouble yourself? No one could...
A couple months ago i got a DUI first offense, then i had my MVA hearing with resulted in a 30 day suspension of my license.
this 30 day suspension of my license ends is 2 days, but a week ago i received a letter in the mail for another MVA hearing. Is this letter a mistake? because i am confused since i already had my MVA hearing. should i contact the MVA and figure it out?
MVA can trying to suspend your license multiple times horizon out of a single do you Y incident. They can try to...
Will a consuming alcohol on public property citation violate my unsupervised DUI probation?
I am currently on unsupervised DUI probation before judgment in the state of Maryland until August. I was originally on supervised probation but I filed a motion and went back to court in January and the judge gave me unsupervised probation with no conditions except show up to court dates. I just received a citation for consuming alcohol on public property last night and I would like to know if this will violate my probation. It says that the citation requires me to go to court and pay a $100 fine. I am 21 and my probation does not have the abstain from alcohol use condition. A few months ago when I was speaking with a supervisor at my probation office, he said they would not violate me unless I got another DUI. Should I contact him and tell him? How should I go about this?
One of the standard conditions of probation is to obey all laws. If the citation you received is a criminal citation,...
I am on unsupervised probation for a year in Maryland. I received an open container citation. Will this violate my probation?
I wasn't arrested, just received the citation.
This is a bad thing for you. I presume the terms of your probation require that you report any law enforcement...
Do i go to court?
i recently received a uniform civil citation for possession of alcohol underage. the cop insisted that i would not have to go to court and said instead that the "states attorney" would contact me and make arrangements that i would do community service or something and that if so, my record would be washed. is this possible? or just a lie
If you receive a citation, summons or letter advising you of an appearance, you must go to court. Otherwise you do not...