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Should DUI Vehicular Homicide laws exist? There is no intent to kill.
DUI vehicular homicide laws and punishments don't fit the crime. There is no homicide, no intent to kill, no pre-meditation. Murder, rape, child molestation, armed robbery, and crimes where people put their hands on people to rob, rape, assault, or kill them should be the only crimes that are serious violent offender felonies. Everything else is just a scheme for the legal, jail, 3rd party private for profit industry. The states have gotten away with using the carpetbagger KKK reconstruction era 14th amendment, or other crimes, to take peoples rights from them.
Perhaps a bit of clarification is in order. Homicide is simply when one person takes the life of another person....
Since DUI fatalities have not declined despite harsh vehicular homicide laws, shouldn't DUI be considered a felony?
And a crime of moral turpitude?
Your opinion is wrong. The percentage of alcohol-related fatalities decreased from 50.6 percent in 1990 to 42 percent...
Hypothetically if the bac results are lost in my dui case what happens?
3rd dui third dui
Hypothetically, the state does not have the evidence to present at trial, and the state hypothetically loses.
I was pulled over for failure to maintain my lane after someone called in on me and i was charged with a DUI. What are my option
I don't believe the officer had probable cause to pull me over. In his statement he said I made a wide right turn into oncoming traffic which did not happen, I was on Alcoa hwy and only made the turn when he pulled me over. I drank the night before not that day. I offered to take the breathalyser and he said no, they only do blood tests which I refused so the officer arrested me and had a magistrate sign a warrant to take my blood. If they did not have cause to pull me over can all this be dismissed? I have two cases, one with Alcoa traffic court for failure to maintain my lane and the other with Blount County for DUI
If they did not have probable cause to pull you over, you may be able to defend the DUI charge. I think it sounds like...
Failure to appear first time DUI and can't afford an attorney
I stayed in jail from February the eighth till February the 27th which I bought it out I've lost my job and have no means of hiring a attorney the court said I they couldn't appointment me one because I make too much money last year I have no money no home no place to live and no car
Get letters from a few lawyers showing you met with at least 3 lawyers and that you cannot afford their fees. Take...
Failure to appear
I fail to appear in front of the court in Blount County on a . on a first time DUI what can the court do to me for not appearing or what kind of time should I look at in jail
When you fail to appear in court, the Judge usually issues a capias, or bench warrant, for your arrest and orders that...
Failure to appear
what can I do to make for failure to appear on a first time DUI
When you fail to appear in court, the Judge usually issues a capias, or bench warrant, for your arrest and orders that...