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2nd dui within two years after first one was reduced to reckless driving?
This JUST happened to me. I had my first dui reduced to reckless driving and two years later I got a second dui. Im just now going through it. What should I expect? Will they treat it like my first because the first one was reduced?
Because you were not convicted of DUI, they must treat this DUI as if it was your first, thus no mandatory jail time or...
If you receive a DUI in Florida in November of 2011 and never received another when can it be dropped off of your record?
Stopped for speeding and arrested for DUI. Took classes, paid fines, did community service, and all other requirements were completed. How long will it stay on my driving record? It has been 6 years and is keeping me from being able to get insurance on my own instead of on my parents policy.
A DUI conviction will appear on your driving history for your entire life. Whether, and how, it's considered by...
Hello? I have been placed on one year probation found not guilty for a dui and placed on alchohol monitoring. Want to remove ear
My question is how can i remove it before the end of my probation. I have been complitly compliant. My lawer promissed to motion for early removal, but at the end told me i have no answare to your status. Why?
Your lawyer is on the right track, you can move to modify probation any time during the term of probation. It usually...
Will DCF consider a dilute drug test a positive?
I am currently under monitoring by DCF. I take several random urine tests. They are always negative because I no longer do drugs...I’ve completely changed my life for the better. I workout a lot and drink a lot of water and vitamin shakes. Usually they let me know I have a test first thing in the morning so I know to avoid drinking too many fluids. However, this last test was sprung on me mid-day and I had already drank coffee, 2 amazing grass green superfood drinks, and a ton of a water from my big water jug while doing cardio. I’m terrified this test will come up diluted. What will they do to me? Can I just go take another test? I’m so scared. I’ve done everything right and to think it could all go wrong over something as stupid as this is heartbreaking.
A diluted drug test is not the same as a positive. At worst, you are probably looking at a retest.
If I rolled my car and I was drunk .but didn't get no ticket are dui but my ex assumes I was but he doesn't know can his lawyer
Can his lawyer get my hospital records he is trying to file for full custody of our kids
Yes, medical records, including blood alcohol records can be subpoenaed by his attorney or by the State in a criminal...
Whats it mean when dmv sayd theres something in another state but still allowd me to take the test?
Fines in nj from years back but when applying in fl for dl they said something in nj needs to be taken care of but still let me take written advised me to do online Drug n alcohol test and schedule the drivers test.. Will they normally allow one to go through the application process if you dl is flagged from another state?
Yes, they will allow you to take the test (and pay the fees) but will not issue you a Florida DL until you clear up the...
How can I revoke the release of information from DUI evaluation? How do I go about getting new evaluation? 2nd opinion...
I have a DUI evaluation coming up for a second DUI offense. I have been to this provider/evaluator before and am worried about a bias. I have attended a residential rehab program (30 days) and am currently seeing a substance abuse specialist for on going therapy/counseling. I am worried this evaluator will recommend extreme extended treatment. I don't know how to go about seeking a second opinion and revoking the release of information from the first evaluation. I don't want this evaluation to mandate that I attend years of treatment when I've spent thousands and exhausted my resources trying to treat my alcoholism/addiction. Situation: I was arrested for DUI and upon search of my vehicle a pipe and pot was found. I was arrested 9 months prior for DUI and completed everything that was required. (16 hours of substance abuse treatment). Upon the second arrest I checked into res. rehab and once completed started out patient treatment (32 hours+) Also, I attend AA regularly and keep a signed log. I have gone through court and been sentenced. DUI school/Eval is part of probation requirements. How can I show the progress I've made so I am not determined to be 'high risk'?
Best I can suggest is asking if your PO will accept an evaluation from the residential facility you were in and...