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Who understands how to read and understand the results from alcotest 9510 done by Torrington Police (breathalyzer) ?
test 1 subject IR 0.0155, EC OK test 2 subject IR 0.0109, EC OK Is this over the limit of .08 or 8% BAC, to the best of my knowledge IR stands for infrared test and EC stands for electrochemical test
Both tests are under the legal limit of .08
I have my second dui and court coming up soon would it be alright if i check myself into a rehab?
2nd dui, court soon and i want to know if i can check myself into a rehab or would that result in a warrant or look good that im taking responsibility?
First hire a criminal defense attorney and he/she will direct you on what actions to take. Don't miss court without the...
What is most likely going to be my punishment for my second dui? jail time or community service rehab ?
second dui, failed Breathalyzer first one already took classes
If you were granted and successfully completed the Alcohol Education Program for your first DUI, then you should will...
I'm in CT and its my second dui offence how do i lessen the time of suspension or stop it?
need to shorten time
Hire a lawyer to see what your options are and if it is possible.
What are the consequences of failing a rolling retest with an Intoxalock Ignition Interlock Device in Connecticut?
I know this is incredibly stupid, but this morning I had to have my girlfriend blow into my device to start my car because i still had alcohol in my system. I failed a rolling retest 3 times before it finally cleared, and now I am panicked about the consequences because I don't know what happens from here. Can anybody give me an idea of what to expect now?
Your question is not stupid at all. But perhaps it is better directed to the attorney who previously represented you....
Does anyone know of a car rental company in the Seattle area that offers Ignition Interlock Devices?
I have to attend a funeral and fly to Seattle WA. I am required to have an IID installed in any car I drive. I was told there are rental car companies that offer them. So far have not found any in the Seattle area.
I am not aware of any companies that rent with IID's. I do know that every major rental company with the possible...
Can I sue for false reading on breathalyzer when I can prove it was not calibrated correctly?
So I was pulled over for a license plate out on my vehicle. I had 2 drinks 1.5hrs prior. Technically this would be my 3rd, 2prior 9yrs ago. My lawyer has it down to 120 days non felony 1st offense. My problem is this was a rookie cop and there are 100 things wrong but my lawyer wont present anything unless it goes to trial which i cant afford. Im about to take the plea. My breath was .15 20 min later .14. My alcohol dropped .36 in 20 min which scientifically cant happen. After me doing all the leg work I come up with the problems the drager machine has. The manufacturer says machine has to be calibrated every 6 months to operate effective however CT law says machine has to be calibrated only when maintenance is done. How does the law supercede the manufacturer? The machine was calib 21 months prior. I see in MA the attorney general is looking into the drager machine and possibly banning breathalyzers. So can I sue for machine giving false reading which I lose my military career, house and everything. Or do I just lose cause CT law supercedes how this machine works?
No you cannot sue for this. This is the type of thing where you have a hearing to try and suppress the breath reading,...