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How to clear bench warrant for DUI?
Hi, I have an complicated issue. I just found out I have two bench warrant for a FTA for a DUI 9 years ago. I called to gather some information from the courts and I was advised I did not provide my program completion. I did. So all I have to do is provide the completion and all will be cleared. Here's the dilemma, the program I attended to complete my classes only keeps record for 4 years and I am afraid of walking in due to the possibility of being taken into custody. I have a great job that I cannot afford to lose. I am seeking to hire an attorney but curious as to how or if this can be resolved without having to complete the programs a second time. All advise given is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
I'm changing this to criminal defense.
Can I apply for citizenship if I was convicted of DUI in 2011?
I have been a resident for now 5 years. I received my temporary residency 2012 and permanent 2014. I will like to apply for citizenship but I was told that I should consult a lawyer prior to. I completed my DUI program and successfully paid all fines. My record has been clean by then.
A lawful permanent resident with a single DUI with all fines paid and any probation served may apply for naturalization...
Can you apply for uk visa,if you got d.u.I. in the U.S. Will the british immigration deny my application?
I got a dui in 2012, I am planning on moving to UK and live with my fiancé. Will there be problems with the immigration? I know, Canada won't let you in.. but I was able to go visit my fiancé back in 2015.
This is not the quesiton of US immigration law to providing information about which this forum is dedicated.
Can a DUI charge be reduced to something else if the bac was 0.09%?
I received my first DUI today with a 0.09% so I barely went over. Is it possible to get it reduced to something else instead of having a DUI on my record? I have a temporary license but my hearing is till mid August, will I be driving with a suspended license from mid July till my hearing date? Do I have chance to request a RDL on the day of the hearing? How can I avoid having a breathalyzer installed in my car if this was the first time.
You have to deal with court and DMV. You only have 10 days from your arrest to deal with DMV . Get an attorney asap!
How can I get credit for having my Ignition Interlock Device when the DMV refused to accept my Installation paperwork?
When I first walked into the DMV, I had proof of everything needed regarding my DUI I received back in 2012, I was told by the DMV once I had the device installed I would get my CA License back. When I showed up I was told that they could not receive my paperwork, because of a hold which they would not inform me of what it was or how do to go about it. I recently signed up to GC Services where I qualified for the License reinstatement program, and what I had to do. Now my current situation is that I've had this device for 25 months which is longer then the required 18. Mandatory Action has just informed me that it is not their fault for me having the device that long and not getting credit so I must continue to pay for the device and time will not start until the hold and the DUI case is completely taken care of. Is there any way I can get the credit for the 25 months I've had the device?
Ask the DMV what type of "paperwork" they require.
I'm a greencard holder, got charged in April for DUI. Under Trump Admin, am I deportable? If so, when would I expect to leave?
Its my first-time DUI, have been here almost 15 years (always been in good status and no other criminal-charge issues). Own a home, on-time tax payer, involved in community... always have been a contributing resident, except for this incident. It's low BAC ( 0.09) with No aggravated issues, so court gave me a lesser count (wet-reckless - California Vehicle Code § 23103.5 ) also. Anyhow, if they want me to leave, I would like to make plans in advance. Which is why I'm asking. Please provide any input. Highly Appreciative.
Too speculative. Trump hasn't even taken office yet. There is no way anyone can answer this right now, other than to...
Blood test report was prepared by mistake and I ended up spending much. On Reexamining they said their first report was wrong
I went for a general physical check up to my primary physician and she ordered blood test. The blood test indicated that I have problem with my thyroid count. So, I was referred to a specialty doctor and she ordered for additional blood test to confirm. Second blood test report indicated I had thyroid problems and the doctor wanted me to take treatment. I was deeply worried and did not take treatment as I had a vacation planned for India. After I came back from my vacation, I went to my specialty doctor and had my blood examined for third time. In third time, the results were perfect and normal. That is when the specialty doctor said, the laboratories had mailed doctor that their second set of reports were wrong as they used an outdated method. They investigated under new method and there is no problem with the thyroid levels. Because of this wrong indication, I spent more money to visit specialty doctor, get my blood examined multiple times unnecessarily and also I was deeply worried and depressed. Please help me on what can be done in this case. Can I sue the laboratories for wrong reporting?
Unfortunately medical malpractice is difficult to prove. There needs to be actual cause and proximate cause- but for...