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I am a military spouse, mother of two young children, and have never been in trouble for anything prior to this... how likely is it that I will lose my license for DWI?
Don't be dumb, hire a lawyer. For a first offense you will at least get an occupational license to get to work.
I was arrested on for DWI about two weeks ago. I work for a school district so employee relations told me that since my fingerprints are registered they are notified of any arrest made in the US per database within 36 hours. They have yet to receive notification. I checked my case status and it said to be inactive. Just curious about what is going on. If anyone can help me.
It probably means that the District Attorney's Office has not filed an information in the case. Once they conduct their...
do I have to stay the whole 6 months? can I do wewkends? is there any chance it can be reduced? are there any good behavior days whete I get less time?
If you haven't accepted the offer, you should hire a local DWI attorney. 6 months sounds pretty hefty.
looking to get it dismissed or atleast bring it down as if it were my first one due to me bearly blowing over the limit and passing the Field sobriety test.
Sorry, but It is not the function of this site to refer you to attorneys. However, you may review the backgrounds of...
I have a previous dwi in new mexico 6 years ago, will this count as a second? please help if I do time how long will it be? its not an aggrevated dwi I refused the bteath test the blood test showed twice legal limit
Yes this is a 2d DWI with severe punishments and 2 license suspensions. Fortunately, you can get an occupational...
hi, I was arrested for a second dwi I refused the breathalyzer then the blood test came back above legal limit does this really count as two seperate suspensions? my liscence had been suspended before for the first dwi years ago I paid the fine. I'm scared my dl will be suspended forever
There is only one administrative suspension. If you agreed to the blood test, it is 90 days; if you refused and they...
This is a duplicative question. Bond is just to secure appearance. Not usually granted on a double homicide conviction....