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What is the best legal approach to a first DUI with having blown a 0.081?
I was recently pulled over for failure to maintain lane, and then arrested for DUI with a 0.085 by the road, and a 0.081 at the station. I had had two beers over a three hours period, and felt perfectly capable of driving. Unfortunately, I hadn't eaten since noon that day (this took place at 2:16 AM), thus my body wasn't processing the alcohol the way I would normally expect it to. I passed all the FS tests, and after having taken the breathalizer the first time, the officer refused to tell me the results until much later in the evening (I don't know if they're supposed to or not). What chance do I have of beating this charge, and how should I go about things from here?
You need to hire a qualified DUI lawyer, and hire one quickly. You have limited time to make sure that your driving...
Dui lawyer
I have one dui and just recieved another one after going to my x gf house to talk she punched me and I didn't hit her back and I left then the cops came and picked me up for fleeing the scene, what are my rights and what can I do
Your narrative seems to omit details of the new DUI; it focuses solely on potential domestic violence charges. Are you...
Can 2nd DUI charges be challenged if occurred on private property?
My husband recently received his 2nd DUI and reckless driving when he was backing into our driveway. I was injured that evening as a result. He blew a .94.
I'm guessing he was driving on public roads in order to get to your driveway right? If he made any admissions about...
I recieved a DUI due to non-Consensual BAC after taking a sobriety test by Military police. Is it anyway to fight?
According to GA Law, if its madatory for blood work why did i have a choice?
First of all, were you on a military base? Laws may be different if you were on government/federal property. What do...
DUI by cannabis Did field sobriety but refused breathalyzer and drug screen
I got pulled over and the cop said he smelled weed, he asked me to get out and he did a field sobriety test. Then he asked if I could take a breathalyzer and a drug screen and I said I wanted a lawyer and he took me to jail. But he did not find any marijuana! Two days after I got out of jail I took a drug screen from a facility and I was negative for marijuana. Are my chances good?
You need to hire an experienced trial attorney in Atlanta to help you fight this. Good luck.
I got a first offender DUI and blew a .163. What are the chances of getting that reduced to reckless driving?
I was pulled over for improper lane ussage due to not using a blinker. At the spot where I got pulled over you don't have to use a blinker. The road went from 2 lanes to 3 lanes.
It is impossible to evaluate your case based upon just the BAL of .163. Critical additional information, like whether...
Can an attorney resolve a 4-5 year-old DUI without my physical presence?
Received a DUI and haven't lived in the state since; would like to resolve the outstanding case but unable to travel to do so personally. I would need help resolving issues pertaining to the suspended/revocation of my GA license.
It depends on how you want to resolve your case. If you want a trial then you will need to appear. If you want to enter...