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Will I get drug tested at my first court date?
I'm 18 and I got a DUI.
No. File for youthful offender and talk to an attorney.
Do I need a lawyer for DHR? Confidentiality question...
My son got into trouble with drugs & DHR got involved. They put a safety plan in place & we are jumping thru their hoops to get him back. They have repeatedly broken protocol with many things & I'm thinking I should get a lawyer. My boyfriend & I are drug testing for them. The tests were negative but they gave me the wrong results in front of my son's probation officer only to let me know later they were wrong & that I was in fact clean. Not only that, but they gave my boyfriend's results to all of us without him present. He was clean as well, but I'm wondering if they broke confidentiality rules by discussing his results without him there. This was our second test. For the first one, they called us separately to tell us the results. She wouldn't tell me his that time. It's almost as if she told the wrong results on purpose to make me look bad. I was simply told a week later that she was wrong, that didn't help the embarrassment I felt when she told the wrong results in front of everyone previously. Now they want us to enroll in drug treatment as well, even though we were clean. Should I get a lawyer before doing more that may look as if we are guilty when we clearly are not?
You should definitely get a lawyer to help navigate through the DHR system.
Dui probation for 2 years, 1 dirty urine test what do i do?
I have paid all of my fines, taken all of my classes. And have completed 1 year probation. I had 1 dirty urine test bc someone at my worm made pot brownies and didnt tell anyone, and sold them then a week later it spread around the work place. Not sure what to do, i really do not want to go to jail. Especially when i never purposely did any drugs. I report in at the beginning of the month.. not sure what my p.o will say or if the test even is dirty. Very scared. I do not want to go to jail.. help!
Talk to your attorney who represented you in the DUI. Let him or her know about the situation in case the probation...
I was arrested for a DUI, do I need to renew my driver's licence in state or should I keep my out of state one?
My DL is set to expire at the end of this month and I need to get it renewed while my DUI case continues. I have an out of state licence *not* a domestic one. Should I get a domestic DL or would it be advantageous to renew out of state again (where I'm originally from)? The reason why I ask, is that when I was arrested for my DUI, they took my licence but then gave it back to me when I made bail, it was never suspended, and I suspect the reason why was because it was not a domestic DL. I could be incorrect in this line of thinking, however.
When you move to another state, you have to learn about the law in that state regarding how long you have, to get a...
I had 4 dui classes to attend for my court referral program... I missed the last one... will I go to jail?
I will not be finished with the program before my next court date due to the fact that I have to start all over... what's going to happen to me?
It depends. I recommend you get into court first thing Monday, or have your attorney do so, to obtain a DUI re-...
I was arrested but *not* convicted (yet) for a DUI. Is there anywhere I would be able to rent a car?
I'm going on a business trip in a week and a half and I am expected to rent a car when I get there. However, I was arrested a few months back for a DUI. I have not been convicted (yet and hopefully never), but I'm sure this got on my driving record. Is there anywhere that I can rent a car? Do any of the companies not run a DMV report? I don't want to get to the counter and have my application rejected in front of co-workers. My company doesn't know of my situation and I need to keep it that way.
Car rental companies do not generally run DMV reports or investigate driving records. They check for a valid driver's...
Is drinking alcohol while on probation considered a technical violation?
My PO is aware that I consumed alcohol while on probation. Is this considered a technical violation of my probation or a more serious violation?
It depends. Do you have a probation condition that prohibits the consumption of alcohol? A violation is a violation....