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  • FBI offers rewards for suspected armed bank robbers

    Wednesday Feb 22 | via WNED 

    Two rewards totaling up to $30,000 are offered for information leading to the arrest of Waqar Ghumman and Mohsin Zamir, suspected of robbing the Evans Bank at 2800 Niagara Falls Boulevard in the Town of Tonawanda at gunpoint on January 8, 2016. In announcing the rewards, Adam Cohen, Special Agent in Charge of the Buffalo FBI Office, said a third man - Nicholas Graham - waited outside as a lookout while Ghumman and Zamir robbed the bank at gunpoint.


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Tonawanda Law

How long can 4 swallows of beers 6.9 alcohol stay in your system
I had about 4 sips of a 6.9% alcohol beer at about 4:30A.m and I had a urine test about 11:20 a.m would it still show up in my urine for a test . I peed in my own bathroom at about 10a.m before the test
Nobody can definitively answer this question the way you probably want. First, who knows how big "4 swallows" of beer...
What to say when accused of a dui
I was driving home at night after having a couple beers and a deer ran out in front of my car. I had to swerve and my car became stuck in a ditch. I tried to push my car out but couldn't so someone driving by offered me a ride and I went home planning to get the car out the next morning. The car was towed by police overnight after someone called and said someone crashed their car and they saw he driver staggering. Now I have to call the cop who towed my car.
Do not make any statements to the police. If a significant number of hours have gone by it is likely you have no...
Will I have follow up drug tests at my job
Recently I was injured on the job and was sent for a drug test. I tested positive for marijuana. I completed a 5 month rehab program per the company. When I asked my union rep if I could possibly smoke in the future he said absolutely just don't show up to work under the influence. Keep in mind my company doesn't do random testing either.
If you're in a union then you have a contract. That will control when they can test you.
Can my friend still get her license/permit at the age of 17 after getting a DWI?
I'm asking this for a friend because I'm a little confused myself. She got charged with a DWI a month after she turned 16 years old. She is still going to court for it to this day. She was asked by the judge to take DWI classes such as AA meetings and the judge and her lawyer are going to drop the DWI charge down to a AI. Her lawyer is a public defender and does not give her much information. But we were both wondering, how can someone take away something they never had? My friend never had a license or a permit. So I'm just wondering how this all works.
If she's convicted of an alcohol related offense, her license will be suspended. She won't be able to get any license...
I was driving with a suspended license. I gave the Trooper someone else's name. What punishment am I facing?
I was driving my mom's car. Is that proof enough it was me? Can I just say I didn't do it? Do they have cameras or is it his word against mine? Or should I just admit it and face the music? And if I need a lawyer, will it be expensive? Christmas is coming and I don't have much cash left.
Did you get a ticket? The real person will find out when their insurance goes up. You have up to a year in jail so I...
My son was at a nightclub drunk and he punched a whole in the wall. My question is can he spend jail time. He has never been
Arrested for any thing. Club owner just wants 1,000.00 and thats it. My son is 23 years old and he works at a restaurant part time. He lives on his own with a roommate.
If he has no record, it is probably unlikely that he would be facing jail time for destruction of property. However, it...
How can the judge sentence me a Conditional discharge for DWI-1st Offense and also a conviction?
Hello, The judge sentenced me to a DWI 1st-Offense conviction with a Speeding ticket very sadly 35/85(50 miles over the speed limit). I know that this speeding is not a criminal offense under New York Law. I was given a 3 year conditional discharge with a conviction, fine, installation of interlock device, attendance to a victim impact panel, seeing a therapist. Is the conditional discharge a suspended jail/prison sentence? I am thinking about immigrating to Australia and they deny anyones application who has served a 12 month or more jail/prison sentence in the past(Suspended sentences are counted as prison sentences). Is this 3 year conditional discharge a suspended jail/prison sentence?
A conditional discharge is not a suspended jail sentence. It is a set of requirements imposed by the court. It has...