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Tonawanda Crime

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  • Three teens charged with felonies after 15-year-old ...

    Sep 7, 2015 | via WIVB-TV Buffalo 

    The Buffalo Bills have claimed center Gabe Ikard off waivers, two days after he was released by the Tennessee Tita Saturday's high school football action, as featured on News 4 Sports: Williamsville North vs. Sweet Home St. Joseph's vs. Lockport Bennett v CITY OF TONAWANDA, N.Y. - Three local teens face felony robbery and assault charges after police in the City of Tonawanda arrested them overnight on Monday. Police say they responded to an overnight robbery that left a 15-year-old with potentially lasting injuries.


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  • Police execute search warrant at home on Trenton Avenue

    Sep 4, 2015 | via WIVB-TV Buffalo 

    Long-time Oklahoma Baptist basketball coach Doug Tolin is coming out of retirement to join his son's staff at the Un The Bills parted ways with both IK Enemkpali, an embattled player who punched his former New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith, and quarterba BUFFALO, N.Y. - Buffalo Police had a busy morning Friday executing search warrants at a number of houses on the city's West Side. Our News 4 crew saw the police right after one raid wrapped up at a house on Trenton Avenue.


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Tonawanda Law

NYS says the following: A conviction that is alcohol-related for example DWI remains on a drivers record for exactly 10 years.
How can Florida revoke my license permently because of the one (last) conviction was in FL and number four? Should'nt NYS rule of removal be standing. Thus not giving me 4 dwi's?
Each state has the authority to determine punishment for crimes happening in that state. They do not have to pay...
I am facing a felony 3rd DUI case in NY and need to know what are the maximum and minimum sentence I am facing?
I am facing a felony 3rd DUI case in NY and need to know what are the maximum and minimum sentence I am facing and I would like to know how this NY DUI case will affect my FL DL? Is there a minimum jail sentence imposed and can I do a private lockdown treatment facility in lieu of jail time?
Under the Find a Lawyer Feature, 29 different attorneys came up under DUI in Buffalo, NY. If none respond to the...
MY son has two DUI in six years can he get his license back
A refusal to submit to a chemical test of his breath (commonly called a breathalyzer) results in a suspension of one...
What will happen if I just stay in Florida?
I have a (DWAI in 2009) and a (Aggregated DWI in 2012 misdemeanor) and a (Arravated driving without a license in 2013 misdemeanor) now I just got a felony pending DWI on 8/17/15 which I did not blow... I'm being told I'm screwed I got this current DWI while on business in NY but I resident in Florida I'm being told I'm innocent until proven guilty but I feel the outcome this time will not be good.... what will happen if I just stay in Florida where I reside
The old ostrich defense is normally not very effective. If you just stay in Florida, you will fail to appear on your...
My son has 2 Dui in six years,that was 3yrs ago.He's just sat home depressed and said he'll never get his license or CDL BACK.
The first one he went to Jail for a month,Drug and Alcohol classes and Probation.Second one he refuse breathalyzer,and ran the police caught him.He had a Public Defender.All he got was a week in Jail,no Felony no classes.No probation.The PD said the cops couldn't place him behind the wheel.This one seem so Fishie.He Finally went to the DMV yesterday after 3 yrs they gave him some papers to fill out and said he also has to pay $750 dollars because he refuse Breathalyzer test. And no guarantee he'll get his license back. We live in NY.He did contact a lawyer he said it's up to the DMV.My Point is second one was worst and only gets Jail time.Something went on behind closed doors and we don't what. SO CONFUSED.THANK YOU.
I do not see anything fishy. I think he got lucky on the second case. If he wants his license, he must re-apply as if...
Will I have to do jail time? What are my options?
I had a DUAI in 2008 an a dwi in 2012 that lead to probation an I violated that an did 40 weekends in jail i completed that in October if 2014......and have did well since then...but last nite I had a undercover cop follow to my apartment said I was swerving... I got 3 tickets 1 for refusing the breathalizer, another for dwi misdemeanor and another for an open container...I live in Florida also was staying in NY for some business work...what are my options???
You will be facing a felony level DWI charge. That means you are looking at 1 3/4- 4 years in state prison in New York....
Is a felony DWI grounds for not retaining security badge at airport in New York?
work at a restaurant at the airport, have basic security clearance, arrested for 3rd DWI recently, not gone to trial yet, the badging authority is changing their policy to state anyone "arrested" for a felony, cannot get a badge, nor be reissued a expired one, Driving has NO bearing on my job as a food server, am I going to lose my job as well? can I be discriminated now after five years because of this?
There is a big difference between being arrested or accused of committing a felony and being convicted of one. Are you...