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Is a "Administration Per Se Affidavit" charge a Drug-related charge?
I have an Admin Per se .XX BAC charge on my DMV record from December 2011 but trying to apply for Lyft. They keep giving me the run around on what category it falls under to classify me as 'Not being a qualified driver'. I'm thinking it is the "No DUIs or other drug-related driving violations". But techinally i don't have a DUI, just a Reckless Driving which i'm in the clear on since its past 3 years and its under a "Major Violation" charge. Anybody know anything on this?
A couple of points. A reckless driving conviction is a misdemeanor conviction and not a civil traffic violation, a...
I am going to court for a marijuana DUI, it's been 10 months without any blood results... can I get it dropped?
I am going to court for a marijuana DUI, it took place 4/9/14 and it's been 10 months without any blood results... It's only a misdemeanor but the hassle is just as bad as getting convicted, the DMV has suspended my license on no factual basis. How can I get the charges dropped?
I am not licensed to practice in Arizona, but what about any urinalysis? Has the case been filed? You say you are...
What can I do after I've been arrested of DUI(marijuana)
I recently got stopped by the cop at 12:00 am for a broken license plate. He smell marijuana and search my car. He found a bong,and grinder which contain less .5 gram of marijuana. I failed the sobriety test and I was booked. During the booking process,a phlebotomist came and took my blood.
You should consult a DUI lawyer in California.
I was arrested for dui and refused breath they took blood
I was pulled to side of road cause I was lost using my map quest when a dps officer pulled behind me. He asked for license and registration I told him I had a suspended license. He said I had to do a field test he said I failed and I refused the breath. He told me I had to do a blood test I bailed out on Monday and today they said the district attorney has dropped charges due to lack of evidence. I'm not sure what to do?
Although they have dropped the charges, you should consult with local DUI attorney. There is an administrative end...
What Arizona MVD consequences will there be for taking a TSS class in order to comply with an out of state DUI probation term?
Arrested for DUI in another state (live in AZ), entered their diversion program (which this state provides for DUI) late last year. The state requires an alcohol safety 12.5 hour class but will accept Arizonas TSS. My DL was not suspended as a result of the diversion plea. My concern is that when completion of TSS is reported to Arizona DOT, my license may get suspended and I will be ordered to get ignition interlock.
It will really depend on what the terms of the diversion plea are from the other state. If it was not an actual DUI...
Will I know if charges have been filed for a DUI?
This is a convoluted situation. On 1/29/16 I was in a near-fatal accident but I was the only one involved. I was taken to the hospital and the cops showed up way later (after I had been given drugs) to do the alc/drug test. I was not under the influence at the time of the accident but I had been taking pain meds for a recent surgery (did not prior to the accident). I got notice from the DMV in April that my DL will be suspended for a min of 90 days and required to take a drug/alc screening. I waited until almost a year to finally take the alc/drug screen to get my DL back and wasnt required to take any classes because I do not have a history of drug/alc use. I believe the accident was caused by a recall on the car but because the police put down "suspected under the Influence" its blocked me from getting a personal injury lawyer. The lady at the alc/drug screening called the dmv and they said state does plan to file charges but hadn't at that time. IT's now been over a year and a few weeks since the accident. How do I find out if charges have been filed? Will I get a notice? How long does it normally take? Ive never received any communication from the state or the police, ever.
The State has up to 7 years to file felony charges, although there could be problems if they delay for too long without...
Can you gain legal residence if you were deported in 2006 in AZ for DUI?
My father was deported for DUI in 2006. My siblings and I are all adults, the youngest is 18. My father was asked not to enter the US for 10 years and has lived in Mexico since. Is there a chance he can gain legal residence in AZ? He is alone in Mexico, all of our family is in the US.
Yes, although you will need the assistance of an attorney. Success will depend on whether this was a "simple" DUI (no...