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my brother failed to pass my innerlock device now the judge wants a letter saying he failed it and he wants it notarize will he be charged for the outcome or will I be charged?
While I don't practice in AZ, I can't imagine a scenario in which your brother would be charged with a DUI under these...
Husband got a DUI and went to do 24hrs the next day before being reased he was detained by ice. He has no felonies or background just DUI. His bond is 7500 a lawyer wants 1000 to lower his bond but I don't have it I just started working and he currently doesn't work. we are more than half way done with his paper work and he was approved for adjustment of status. I was told by a friend who works for ice that he didn't have to be detained.they are just holding him bcuz they can. His bond expires nov21st and I'm not sure what to do.. && we have a 2yr old as well not sure if that info could help
I will try to respond based on the limited information provided. If ICE is offering your husband a bond of $7,500,...
My Husband lost his license do to DUI's when he lived in KS. He has tried to contact the court to set up a payment plan with them so that he can pay his fines and be able to regain his license but they told him that he would need to come to KS. This doesn't sound right to me. Why would he have to go to KS to set up a payment plan? Is there anything that he can do here in AZ to get his license back? Have the case transferred here or something? We cannot afford to hire a attorney in KS and we cannot afford to fly out there to set up up a payment plan
He must first be able to get his license in KS, before he can apply in AZ. In order to do that he has to jump through...
I received a dui in Scottsdale AZ in 2007 they took a blood sample. I never went back to take care of this matter I have a warrant for my arrest in AZ. I need to take care of this any advise would be helpful.
I think you have to assume they still have it because the case was at warrant and they should have stored all the...
I was pulled over for a dui in 2007 they took my blood I never went back to court I am wondering how long Arizona holds onto blood samples. I need to resolve this case.
Each department has differing rules. Find out which one and the ask it for the time applicalble to your case
The court and ca dmv have approved An interlock once he has started classes however we had to move to AZ for financial reasons and he still has not taken the 18 month dui classes in ca is there a way for him to take the classes in AZ? I should add that his fines are almost paid off and his jail time has been served this is just the last thing he needs to take care of and we are not quite sure how to fix this?
Call the DMV in California and ask them what is offered in Arizona that would meet their criteria. They should be able...
DUI charge with a BAC above the legal limit. Because the blood test results have not returned yet, may the prosecution double charge me with DUI l/d/v and DUI BAC above legal limit or may it drop the DUI l/d/v charge and replace it with the DUI BAC above legal limit charge?
usually these kinds of cases are charged in the alternative until they decide what exactly was the substance that...