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I had a felony DUI 4th offense in Arkansas that was disposed of in 1994. Can I get this expunged or sealed at this point?
I have had no other DUI or serious traffic offenses since that time. I believe I may have one speeding ticket that is about 7 years old.
If your DUI conviction was in Arkansas, Arkansas courts retain jurisdiction over the matter. The process for...
How should my boyfriend proceed with his hearing driving without a licence & with one headlight out?
He was jailed on a Friday night, held for 8 days. He was never fingerprinted or arraigned.
He will be appointed a public defender if he requests one. I would suggest he either opt for a pubic defender or have...
Can I get my CDL if I had gotten a juvenile DUI in MT?
When I was 18 I received a juvenile DUI for blowing a .032 BAC. Now My boss wants me to get my CDL for a promotion. Will this offense show up on my record? If so, is there a time period, in which, afterwards, it will not show?
Montana follows the federal regulations for CDLs. According to those guidelines, a DUI conviction while holding a CDL...
Can you be punished for the same DUI in 2 different states?
A friend of mine got a DUI in ND over a year ago. At the time of the DUI, he only had a MN permit. It was his second offense. (first offense was in MN) He followed through with all the court orders. 4 days in jail, fines, lost his license for 90 days, etc. Now over a year later MN says that he has to turn in his license, pay fines, do a victim impact panel, drug and alcohol assessment, etc. After he was able to get his license again in ND, he took the permit test, took the road test, and has a valid ND drivers license. Is it legal for MN to try to take it away again?
First, it's not a punishment, it's a DMV nightmare. MN may be reflecting a dmv suspension hold from ND or they could...
What can I do Im trying to get my license in North Dakota after being revoked for 10 years in Oregon?
My drivers license was revoke for 10years because of DUIs. My 10 years is up and Im able to get my license back. I live in North Dakota now my license was revoked in Oregon. I took my written road test and passed. I went to take my driving road test and the DMV said I couldnt take my test because my license is suspended. Now then I have talked to the judge that revoked my license prior of me pursuing of getting my license to make sure everything was in the clear and there wouldnt be any complications or confusions. everything was a go until, now the dmv is saying my license is suspended and I need to have a ignition interlock in my car. North Dakota does not provide this service and i need my license for my job. Help !!! hope I provided enough info for you.
These DMV related DUI issues are a real monster. You will have to do whatever they require...one way or the other....
I was arrested for dui north dakota. I was told I refused a breathalizer. two hours passed and my bond was made. The deputy
gave me back my keys and I left with the person who paid my bond. I went down the street, got in my car, and drove home. How is the deputy not negligent for giving me the keys? What if I had killed someone on the way home? I was told that I refused a BAT by asking for legal advice. Is this right?
I practice in PA, so I'll defer to lawyers licensed in ND, but in my state and the others I'm familiar with anything...
Any way to seal a DUI in Montana
I was convicted of a DUI Perse in 2010. I just graduated college and got an amazing engineering job offer, but the company is very strict on background checks. I was wondering if there is any way possible to seal, expunge, or block my DUI from being seen by the company when they do my background check.
I recommend that you contact an attorney in Montana. In Florida, a DUI sentence requires a conviction, and a criminal...