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Can my attorney be held liable?
Got a DUI charge and a year later got another. The first charge is not resolved. While going to court dates, my attorney knew I was driving. I asked once if he would advise against me driving outside of town. The attorney stated something to the effect that if was careful, I would be okay. I know ignorance of the law is no excuse, but I had no idea that getting caught driving without a license could lead to a felony. He never advised me of such.
Seriously? You think you can seek a finding of liability against your attorney for your drinking and driving?
Is it possible to get a full license back with a summary suspension lift from a lawyer after a dui?
I've completed my classes, I'm done with court, and received 2 years court supervision and a 1700 dollar fine and that's it. No further treatment or restrictions were added.
A guy came to my house intoxicated and threw punches at me. I beat him up with nothing but my fist. Can i be in legal trouble?
He came to my house. He was drunk. I was sober. He swung first. I defended myself.
Possibly but it sounds like you have a good case.
Is my dui a felony or misdemeanor?
I had an accident with an unoccupied car needless to say in this event I received a dui. I blew a. 127 and I'm only 20 years old.... This is my "first dui offense" as well. So I'm really worried my dui may be a felony instead of a misdemeanor..... please help
It is a misdemeanor so long as you had a valid license and weren't knowingly driving without liability insurance.
Court Supervision for a dui
If I had a driving on suspended license ticket and it got dropped down to driving on an invalid and I got supervision it. Am I still able to receive court supervision for a dui. I mean the state has an extremely solid case.... and I know they can use all the evidence so don't give me the "spend your money on a lawyer and It'll go smoother promise." basically they are gonna thrown the book at me. Probably.
Spend your money on a lawyer, and it will go smoother. Whether you like it or not, this is the best answer possible.
I am on court supervision can I receive it for a dui I just got
OK so I am on court supervision for a petty offense (traffic) and I recently got a misdemeanor dui (first offense) . Is there a possible chance I can get court supervision for my dui? Will they re open the petty offense case? Please help.
Yes, you can might be able to get supervision. However, you really need a lawyer if you are charged with a DUI.
I had 1 DUI then i got revoked after i violated my probation,what do i need to do to prepare for the hearing
Should I hire a lawyer? If so, what is the normal cost for that?
You need a lawyer for best results. The cost will depend upon what the lawyer charges you. Lawyers set their own fees.