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Q does O'Doul's register on a breath test after 15 minutes ?
They said that all deals would not show up on the breath test as .01 would not be from drinking O'Doul's
O'Douls, like tinctures and aftershave, has alcohol in it. Your ignition interlock device (IID) doesn't know where the...
What happens if I don't complete diversion?
I received a dui (.07) and I took the diversion program. I didn't complete everything and plan to go turn myself in in a few months. This happened in oregon and I currently live in michigan. I would just like to know what to expect when I go to court as far as jail time and if they will pull my lisence? This is going to be very costly to fly out and would just like to know about how long I will have to sit in jail. Thanks so much
There's no way to give an adequate answer to this question without more details. Many attorneys, such as myself, would...
What is the statue of limitations when getting a DUi and a reckless driving charge ?
I got a DUI as well as a reckless driving charge I pulled into a police station to turn around in the gate closed in on me the officer asked what I was doing said this is never happened before I told him I was just going to turn around but the gate closed in on me so I got stuck inside the police station I went to court it said no charged with filed against me to call Back in seven days I called back and the DA did not reinstate the charges at this time
Oregon's Statute of Limitations for a DUI, unless a felony DUI, is 2 years from the date of the act.
What can be done about my ex wife's boyfriends DUI?
I have taken my ex wife back to court to get more time with my kids and we are nearing the end. I have come to find out that her boyfriend has a recent (within 4 months) DUI and failure to perform the duties of a driver (assuming this means hot and run) charge. According to my kids, has has been driving them as well. What can be done about this? My ex wife has full custody.
This is a factor the court would consider in deciding custody and visitation issues. You mentioned you have been to...
DUI: Paid all court fees, went to victim impact panel, installed IID, finished treatment. Is there anything else?
I am currently in diversion for a DUI I got in Oregon. I have paid all my court fees, gone to a victim impact panel, installed an IID in my car, and finished my treatment which was 13 weeks long monitored by UAs. Is there anything else the court will call me in for or ask me to do before my year-long diversion ends? (i.e another impact panel, further classes, more UAs, ect.)
To verify that the court file shows that you are in full compliance, you can call the court clerk and ask if the...
Reinstating a lifetime revoked license?
I have 4 duii's all over 10yrs ago. I know I was revoked for life. I have since my last duii in 2006 have received and college degree and been in no trouble with the law. I currently don't drink anymore and haven't for years. I am currently try to get my license reinstated but I am not sure what needs to be done or what steps I should start at.
It appears that you may be eligible to petition the court to reinstate your driving privileges. If the court orders...
Oregon DUI Diversion program, after 90 day DMV license suspension is a SR22 insurance proof required to reinstate?
A couple days ago I had an argument with my wife and it became heated so I left the house. This is a fairly normal occurence. After an hour or so, she calms down and all is good. Well this time I grabbed some beer and went down the street to the river and parked and listened to the radio. Sure enough a policeman pulled up behind me and cited me for DUI, .09. I did not drive impaired but know I am guilty within the definition of the law. I plan on entering Diversion, but I need to decide about the hardship application for DMV to allow me to drive to work. I understand that an SR22 or proof of insurance would have to be provided. But if I did not apply for hardship and waited out my 90 days, would I need a SR22 to reinstate my license? This has serious implications about notifying my insurance company of my arrest.
First of all, you need to not post any further details of this incident online. Police, prosecutors, and judges can all...