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Can Cyfd get a phone call and they follow up and talk to my kid. then let almost thirty days go bye and the ask me for a hair sa
I keep in contact with cyfd and because I was in my nursing class for three weeks I couldn't get out of class to take a drug test well once my class was over I called and they told me to go down and take a pee test, but when I got there they said I had to give hair and it was to go back 6 months yet aligations are not even thirty days ago, they took my kid from they never did one home visit. what do I do?
These are very difficult situations because children are involved. You need to contact counsel immediately before you...
Could my husband be in jeopardy of losing his resident status if he had 2 prior DUIs (years ago) upon applying for citizenship?
A permanent resident since 1990, with the new administration, should my husband be worried if applying for citizenship now? He had two prior DUI's and a disorderly conduct, with the most recent being in 1999. Upon being a temporary resident, on two occasions he returned to Mexico for a 10 month and 6 month period, therefore laving a lapse in his social security. Upon requesting his driving record, there is no mention of the DUI's, I'm sure they are still on his record somewhere but we do not have proof other than his saying, yes those things did occur. Also being that no attention was paid in the state of MI when he renewed his driver's license, he has three variations of his name that were used on his identification (although it is correct with immigration) and to add to that, my children and I have his mother's last name. Making our last name different than his (his last name incorporates both his mother's and father's last name). Could you give me some insight as to where to request those records and would you recommend he even apply for citizenship right now or continue to renew his residency since I wouldn't want to chance his being deported. Thank you in advance for any help!
You can request the DUI case records with the court. You can call the records department of the court convicted him....
If convicted of DWI, sentenced to Drug Court, then abscond for 7 years, is there a way to request an unsatisfactory discharge?
My husband and I are from Albuquerque, NM but moved out to Las Vegas, NV. He was sentenced to drug court and had an issue with the po and stopped reporting. He has a warrant failure to comply. He was placed on drug court for a misdemeanor 1st offense DWI. It has been 7 years since he stopped reporting and it is not an extraditable warrant however we would like to see if we can do something from over here to get him an unsatisfactory discharge or if there is anything to take care of this.
There is a way by hiring a Criminal Defense attorney and filing a motion requesting same to the Judge. Highly unlikely...
I am on pre trial and I am randomly tested. I have been clean however I had a slip up will I go back to jail
I had a slip up once two days ago and have not used since. I have random ua. I have been trying to do good since IV been out and I know I one messed up my chance what can I do
Best to consult with your attorney with regard to your options.
How do I reinstate my DL if I didn't request a hearing through MVD at the time of suspension and my DWI case was dismissed?
I didn't request a hearing at the original time of suspension back in March because I wanted to see what I needed to do once I went to trial and found out what the consequences the court required were. After almost 8 months my case was dismissed in the court due to procedural mishandling of material evidence from the DA's office and the local police department. The legal limit for suspension of my DL has now expired and I was never convicted of DWI. I was never advised by the Public Defender's office to request a hearing with MVD during any part of this. What are the next steps I should take?
This is the downside of having a public defender. Because you were not properly informed about the MVD process at the...
I'm in New Mexico. My cousin's grandson had a DWI. What are the DWI laws regarding insurance. Is it like a SR-22?
He pled no contest. He had an attorney. He had an interlock device put in his car for 1 year. Should he have disclosed to his current insurance? Did he need to get a different type of insurance?
He can certainly call his agent to discuss options
Does non alcoholic beer show up on a breathalyzer test
Have to take a breathalyzer test for po
"Non-alcoholic" beer is specified to contain less than 1/2 of one percent alcohol by volume. [As compared to 5% alcohol...