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    Sunday Feb 5 | via Daily Mail 

    The most glamorous Super Bowl ever! Gisele gets a run for her money as stars like Adriana Lima and Olivia Culpo lead the rest of the WAGs at this year's clash between the Patriots and the Falcons Police were warned about jogger's 'killer' two months BEFORE her death: Suspect, 20, identified in 911 call back in MAY, is arrested after his DNA was found under the fingernails of woman raped and strangled in August 'I won't spend the rest of my life as just the girlfriend': Women who are DESPERATE for a proposal confess to feeling 'insane', jealous and depressed Vomit-covered bathrooms and students passed out everywhere: Inside the wild frat party where 20-year-old was found dead 'I don't regret killing my mother': Bali killer Heather Mack CONFESSES to murdering her mom in chilling prison tape and says she forced her 'innocent' boyfriend to stuff the body in a suitcase Stony-faced Trump ... (more)


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Would I be qualified to get a finacial hardship waiver from the court?
In 2014 I got pulled over for habitual violator, which is no longer on In my record along with a few other things,In 2015 I got pulled over for 1 oz. Oz of marijuana as well as driving without license, and 2016 I got pulled over with driving without license again.I took my Dui class and got my certificate,I paid for my clinical treatment classI and will be taking that class soon.Now heres the thing I have a car to drive being that I have no license I also have not the first reliable person to take me to the places I have to go.I dont have the money for an interlock system and I need my car I have a full plate as a single mom with two kids with no help or support system at times find myself having to walk place just to keep from getting in trouble,my kids need me and being that I have a car would I be likely to qualify for a financial hardship waiver I need one desperately If I can get as response back asap or at least before Monday itI would be great.
Cannot say for certain, but it sounds like you may indeed qualify.
In a DUI ALS hearing, is it a bad idea to for a lawyer to request a continuance, (or multiple continuances) on a DUI refusal?
What are the reasons to do or not do this. I have had differing opinions. Is it so that hopefully, by the time the hearing does come, that the discovery has already been obtained? I wouldn't want to make the judge mad. Do most attorneys have access to the the police report and dash cam video at the ALS hearing. I thought that could take a long time. Also, if the suspension does go through, does that time suspended apply towards the suspension given for the criminal case. (I do understand one is administrative and the other is criminal... totally separate issues.) Thanks!
You have by now heard most if not all the reasons why this might be done. Most of my continuances occur as a result of...
Is it required, in Georgia, for all three field sobriety tests to be given or can just two be given?
Is this a mistake by the officer that can get the field sobriety tests surpressed or help in any way? Thank you in advance.
You're not required to do any of the field sobriety tests (tests done on the side of the road) nor is the officer...
Im tryin to get an idea of how much time each of my misdemeanors carry
Open container. Failure to yeild. speeding. Reckless driving. Failure to stop at signx2. Failure to maintain lanex2. Driving w/o license. Too fast for conditions. Obstruction of an officer w/o force. Hit and run,leaving the scene of an accidentx2. Fleeing and eluding. Dui.
A misdemeanor in Georgia is punishable by up to a $1,000.00 fine and/or 1 year in jail. Multiply by 16 for the maximum...
Can my husband's DUI court be transferred to another county?
My husband got a felony DUI last year and has been sentenced to RSAT followed by DUI court and probation. The county that he got this in was in North Georgia and since he received the DUI, we moved to Southern GA. (We have an infant son). How would we go about getting this transferred? he has a good DUI atty, but she's very hard to get in touch with. He was on probation at the time he got this other DUI and only had 2 months left of probation when he was sentenced. (He has been sober since Sept. and has done counseling and AA meetings and was compliant with all probation obligations and his fine was paid in full.) Will they do a tolling order? and if so, what would likely be the result.
He needs to ask the DUI Court supervisor if they will transfer his program. All of the DUI courts are different, and...
I was accused of dui in 2011, i am still having to go to court to plea guilty or not, what is the statue of limitations for this
I got arrested in 2011, due to imprisonment, just now going to plea guilty or not. it has been put off twice so far. is their a lesser charge that I can take or have this dismissed? I don't want to loose my license again
There is so much that is in your question requiring more information. First of all we would need to know where your...
Is an under age dui more intense than a DUI?
Minor was arrested for driving with Marijuana and presciption pills. He has been to court on these charges and the Judge keep pushing is court date back until he turns 21, bc then he can be charged as an Adult. The reason the judge says is bc he charge will be less since the minor will be 21 years of age. Is the reason true?