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  • Contractor convicted of theft by deception

    Dec 13, 2016 | via The Times-Tribune 

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Throop Law

What happens when you get new charges and you're already out on bond?
I am out of jail on bond for misdemeanor drug charges. I have a hearing coming up to determine eligibility for ARD. I was just in motor vehicle accident. I did not take anything that day however I took two vicidon and a xanax the day before. I was not impaired while driving but refused a blood test knowing it would still be in my system. They did do a urine analysis and found both substances. The police said they will be charging me with a DUI. I'm trying to get into rehab because I obviously need help. I do have a lawyer from the first set of charges. I have a job with the state, a degree in criminal justice. I just can't seem to get my addiction under control. What do you see happening given the circumstances?
Why do you care what a bunch of random strangers on the internet think about your case? You have hired a professional...
What is the statue of limitations for a DUI in Pennsylvania?
I was arrested & charged with DUI 20 months ago. I got a lawyer who waived my preliminary hearing & pretrial conference, ( I think ). That was over a year ago. Thursday, December 1st, I received legal mail from my lawyer saying my final pre-trial conference is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7th. It also says if my case is not resolved at the conference, a trial is set for December 21st. This is the first I've heard from my lawyer & the first mail of any kind that I've gotten since my lawyer waived my preliminary hearing. My question is, how much time do they have to get me to court after my lawyer waived my preliminary hearing???
You were charged so now only speedy trial rule matters and your lawyer took the time. Ask your lawyer for more details
What happens when you get a DUI at 16 in PA?
I recently wrecked my car due to a deer running out in front of me. I was sober at the time of the accident, but i still had alcohol in my system. I got arrested for a DUI and was transported to the Hospital for bloodwork. I know it will come back positive. Ive been hearing mixed answers from 90 day suspension, suspension until 18/21... There was no alcohol in my vehicle, only in my body, and a small amount. What is going to happen and what should i do?
Based on what you've written, you may br able to beat the charge. To do that you need to hire a local DUI attorney ASAP....
What is the statue of limitations for a DUI in Pennsylvania?
It's been 20 months.
To be clear, you were not charged? The normal SOL would be 2 years. In my experience, I'd be surprised if charges were...
What liability if any is involved in signing for someone who has no income and needs a Public Defender?
I am trying to help a friend who has no income yet needs a public defender.
Not clear what "signing for someone" means. If your friend has charges and no income, then a public defender will be...
How long for lab results to come back to probation in Lackawanna county
Just waiting for a confirmation test for a false positive on a urine for perscribed medication
They are slow but sounds like a violation which may be jail get help
Field Sobriety Report Error?
The arresting officer said in the police report that he performed the tests which was only the HGN twice because i refused the other two but another officer is the one that gave directions and did the testing. 2nd time said I failed. Would that be an error and have the case dismissed. The 2nd officer on the report is not even listed. He Put " I performed the HGN test and got a 6/6 reading"
Your question is a little confusing as to who did what but Im going to say the arresting officer or affiant said he did...