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How do I know if I got a DWI ?
I hit a guardrail was drunk but did not go to jail no field test or nothing went to the er they took blood and cop gave me a ticket for not staying in my lane but nothing about a DUI or DWI on anything I still have my license too so what does it mean?
Stop posting criminal admissions on the internet. The police regularly monitor websites like this one for statements...
How can I get a DWI dismissed
I'm an illegal immigrant, the police informed me they pulled me over in search for someone else. Due to my eyes being red they asked if I was under the influence of marijuana. I had half a gram on me and was scared given my situation I told them yes. They did a sobriety test which they said I failed because I was jumping around too much. Once again due to being extremely nervous. I have a clean record and no priors. I'm currently in the process of a vulontarily deportion. I have a pregnant fiance in Canada, I was leaving the states and going back to Mexico so I could move to Canada and be with then. A DWI is a federal offence in Canada and this charge will ruin my life. I'm looking for ANY information that let's me know if I get a lawyer if there's hope for my case. Thank you.
To answer your initial question, you get a DWI (or any other criminal case, for that matter) dismissed when the State...
I am not eligible for expungement so how can I seal my felony dwi?
Got convicted in 2009 and put on probation for 4 years which I completed on 9/20/2013. I need to seal it because is hard to find a great job with it still on my background.
Sealing is not an option for DWI because nondisclosure requires successful completion of deferred adjudication. One...
Dwi and citizenship interview.
Hello I have a dwi in texas. Dwi is about 16 years old. Simple dwi. Received my green card 6 years ago. Citizenship interview next week. Will there be any issues given the political climate we are in now.
If you otherwise qualify for citizenship, then there shouldn't be any, unless of course, you are from one of the "...
Can I travel to Mexico with a misdemeanor DWI?
I had a first time DWI conviction Sept. 2016 in NC with the lowest (Level 5) punishment. Would I have any problems traveling to Cancun, Mexico in a few months? I am under unsupervised probation with a driving restriction but I'll be with family. Seeking advice from attorneys closer to the border I suppose.
If you were represented by an attorney, your questions should be directed to that attorney. If you have a driving...
Can I beat dui charge
had an accident 7 mi from Crockett tx. witness stoped to check on me gave me pint of wild turkey 101 had few drinks with him I was stuck in truck he said he called for help told me big truck ran me off road refused to stay tx dps trooper showed up emergency personal got me out dps brought me to Crockett gave me breathlizer arrested for dui told officer I did not drink till after wreck
Lol, that's a creative one. Short answer, yes, it CAN be beat. Don't assume that means it WILL be. Get yourself a good...
Can I get a dwi by sitting in my truck on side of the road?
I had driving from texas to louisiana did my job and was headed back to texas, but got really tired and pulled over. Had a few drinks and then laid down and went to sleep, woke up to the cop knocking on the window, now I have a dwi arrest. Any help?
You should hire a DWI attorney to investigate what proof the government has that you were actually operating the...