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Early Discharge of Probation
My probation officer said she would write a letter of recommendation so I could have an early discharge of probation. I already served over half of the time. Who do I need to contact to get this going? I never had a lawyer for my case. This was a 3rd offense OWI. Who must I contact First?
Your agent is being disingenuous, as under current law only she can initiate that process, and odds are that under the...
Husband got dui-and refused blood test at station
he was charged with open container in vehicle, owi got a warning for running red light and is now facing refususal. he did road side test blew road side. when he was taken to station they said to him if he blew under .08 they would let him go, he blew, officer said not quite...then asked to take blood. he refused. this is his first offense and has no priors. does he have a good case?
Any case either solid or weak hinges on experience of the attorney working that case, legal strategy and attentive...
What do i do DUI and operating while suspended
I left a bar my friends girlfriend drove, the bar tender saw me give her the keys, on the way home ahe crashed the car into a stopsign and totaled it. I was in the passenger seat, both her and my friend ran before police arrived, while i waited at the scene i was arrested. The bar has cameras also the gas station next to the accident scene may have possibly caught them fleeing. Her phone and glasses were found in drivers seat by the owner of the vehicle and brought to the police station and inventoried. The passenger airbag also deployed(only deploys if the sensor detects a passeneger). I have the names and addresses of both people. The owner of the bar also saw her get into the drivers seat and her driving when we left. What do I do? I already am working on getting an attourney.
With these facts you should contact an experience DUI attorney in your area. Use the "find a lawyer" tab at the top of...
Got a OAR, revoked due to a DUI, have to go to court Tuesday, really want to avoid Jail...what kind of penalty am I looking at?
Got the original DUI last march, drove without an IID in my car.
It really depends on the district attorney and the judge, as well as how many times you have been convicted of OAR. I...
Is there really any thing I can do about a DUI plea deal that is now invalid due to a new state law? Violation Classification
I received a "baby PAC" plea deal in 2010 and know from reading online that deal is no longer valid. I was told that if I entered into this deal that in ten years the arrest and violation would come off my record. My attorney is the one who told me that this was a good deal as I was deployed at the time and couldn't be in the states. Now I looked into it a little more and that bit of relief I was hoping for will not come, I was wondering is their anything I can do? Also is a PAC violation of less than .10 first offense criminal traffic, as I am applying to become a teacher and curious because I am very unsure.
If you acted in reliance on the belief that the conviction would come off your record, you may be able to try to either...
Is penalty for chemical test refusal concurrent or consecutive to OWI (2nd)
I never refused chemical test. In fact i asked for it.
How recently were you arrested for OWI? There is a very short time limit in which to file to contest a refusal. You...
Anything i can do to fight an armed while intoxicated charge?
Any lawyers in the area that specialize in that? I want ro be able to keep my gun and my conceal carry license.
You need to hire an attorney in WI who has defended people accused of handling a gun while intoxicated. My review of...