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Will i have a warrant for failure to appear or dui after all this time
three years ago i ran out of gas on I-95 near a construction site where a state police officer helped me push my car over andsmelled alcolol on me he arreste me for dui at the station then released me that nite. He knew I am dying from cancer and was very nice to me. I never received papers never went to post office to pick up anyway i failed to appear for court, Now three years later officer called me on phone and said to turn myself in at a district court. is there a statute of limitations on dui charges or will I have a warrant for failure to appear
Once the complaint is filed, there is no statute of limitations. However, there could be some defenses. Meet with a...
How will this dui in another state affect my dui probation?
I have 3 years fresh probation for a DUI and driving without a license. This would be my 4th strike. My probation officer hasn't found out about it yet and I think it's because it's in another state but I go to court later this month for it. I wrecked the car I was in. Am I facing jail time. I have been locked up before for this.
Sounds like you have put yourself in a position for substantial jail time. The violation is a bad one and a judge will...
I was sentenced to one to five years for 3rd. DUI how much time will I spend in prison
3rd. DUI conviction
You will spend a year in jail, at a minimum. If you have an attorney, certainly look into intermediate punishment as an...
I am trying to get some help on the law for driving while taken prescription meds
I have been trying to get information on how long you have to waite to drive after you stop your meds.i have been taken pain pills for five years now and I have done every thing I was told to do.i asked upper darby police officers who' job is it to tell drivers when it is save to drive after I stop taken my meds.they tell me its not the police department or the goverments job .its your doctors job .ok I talk to my doctor like I allways do not does he tell me but five other of my doctors tell me the same thing they say wait twenty four hours before you drive plus three different pharmacist tell me the samething.I allways waited for forty eight hours to drive.on the day of my dui I was at fifty eight hours off my meds .but I was still charged with dui.but when I had my friend take to the hospital to get my injuries looked at since the police fefused me treatment the hospitals blood test said I hard zero meds and zero alcohol . the police said I had 258 nanograms of meds in my blood not safe to my question is how I am a driver to know when they have the wright amount of nanograms in their blood to drive.what I wont and need help to know what do I need to do to get that chang
The reaaonbno one can answer this question to your satisfaction is no one knows. Everyone metabolizes drugs...
I still haven't learned who responsibility it is to educate the drivers who take prescription med to wait to drive after you sto
wont to know who tells you how long to stop your prescription pain meds befor you drive or were you can find that in the law I .ve ben looking for five years
If the withdrawal symptoms you suffered were foreseeable by the prescribing physician and/or the pharmacists and you... been taken prescription pain meds for 5 years and their is no education on how long to waite to drive after you stop taking
i was charged with dui when i passed out while driving the meds had nothing to do with the accident i was off my meds for three days at the time. who is responsible to educated the driver about how long you should waite to drive
Do not speak with law enforcement. Prescription related DUI can go one of two ways 1) whether you possess a... done with this
before I go I did every thing I could I talked to my five doctors and three different pharmacist and they all said the same thing after 24 hours you can drive plus I allways talked to my doctors to let themknow how I felt with the meds. I allways went 48to 72 hours befor I drove I was in my 58 th hour now the police allways told me its your doctors job to tell you that's how they set you up don't go telling not a responsible person you don't know me or the whole sase
I'm afraid your statement makes little sense but from what I can understand, you may have been cited for driving under...