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  • Waldo County Unified Court closed cases

    Wednesday Apr 20 | via Republican Journal 

    Amanda E. Fowler, 31, of Thorndike, theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, four days in Waldo County Jail, stayed until June 17. Erin E. Holt, 42, of Waterville, theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, dismissed; violating condition of release, five days in Waldo County Jail; theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, $500 fine, five days in Waldo County Jail. Torin Sheriden O'Connell, 21, of Fairfield, gross sexual assault, dismissed; unlawful sexual contact, dismissed; unlawful sexual touching, 10 days in Waldo County Jail.


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Thorndike Law

Does my daughter need to get a lawyer because a drunk driver caused a bad accident?
My daughter, 43, was hit head on by a repeat offender drunk driver who was arrested at the scene. Both cars were totalled. She was shaken up, went to the ER, and seems OK. However, he was uninsured. We found out today that she has to pay for her rental car as she doesn't have rental insurance.. I am afraid that she will end up with too little money from her insurance to buy a suitable replacement car. She is a single parent of 2 girls and barely makes ends meet. I am nervous about suggesting a lawyer. How would she pay and we know the driver has nothing to go after.
She should consult with a personal injury attorney in ME. Most initial consultations are free and attorneys will...
How long in Maine does it take the DMV to notify you of suspended license after oui arrest?
I was arrested almost three weeks ago for an oui. I was taken to the jail where I blew a .16 and then wasn't able to be bailed out until the next day. The arresting officer gave me a summons with a court date for this Monday. I have yet to hear anything from the DMV about my license being suspended. I have called and checked numerous times to check my status and as of today it is active with no pending suspensions. I am nervous because I know you only have 10 days to request an administrative hearing, but I'm not sure if its from 10 days after my arrest, or when I receive the suspension notification. If it's the former then I guess I'm not sure why my license would still be active. I do not have money for a private attorney and plan on asking for a court appointed one. Any thoughts?
While the law enforcement officer is suppose to file his report with the Secretary of State within 10 days, there is no...
Should I take a breathalizer test if I am not driving?
I am 19, say I am walking home from a party after drinking,but am not noticeably intoxicated,and a cop starts questioning me about drinking. Do I have to tell them my age? If they want to breathalize me, do I have to consent? What is my overall best course of action?
Typically if an officer is merely asking you questions without "seizing" you for possible criminal activity, you are...
1) Do the district court fines need to be paid in full prior to filing petition?
State of Maine: OUI 1st offense non-aggravated. Will be filing petition for ignition interlock. Payment plan established with district court to pay fines. 1) Do the district court fines need to be paid in full prior to filing petition? 2) Does the licence reinstatement fee/form need to be filed with the petition?
The Fine does not have to be paid before you are allowed to petition. However, you must pay your fine as ordered or...
Should I contest a speeding ticket if I already have a DUI reduced to reckless driving in the last year?
I was stopped for speeding. 68 in 50. When officer approached, I did admit that I was going "a little" too fast, but don't think it was that much over.
Sure you should. Just because you were arrested for DUI a year ago does not mean there is no chance for a good outcome...
Can I get charged an oui for driving on my own private property?
Police came to our house on an unrelated issue, I got arrested for oui while moving my truck from the side yard.
While I cannot speak for Maine law, most states have now defined DUI offenses in such a way that a person can be cited...
I banged up a truck, blew a .05, and got driving to endanger, but I'm underaged. At court will i get an OUI?
I was driving and turned to quickly and ran into a post. The cops came and took me to the station to get breathalyzed. I blew a .05 and he wrote on my summons driving to endanger. My friends tell me that ill still get an OUI.
The fact that you are under age 21 makes no difference for purposes of the OUI statute, which requires proof that any...