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What will I be faced with after my DUI?
The only other similar offense I made was >8 years ago when my DUI was knocked down to a physical control. This time I was driving with a broken taillight, pulled over, passed the active field sobriety test, but failed the breathalyzer test with the highest BAC level (c).
Assuming no other DWI/DUI where you were convicted of that offense, this should be prosecuted as DWI #1. However, from...
What is the statute of limitation for a DUI
just recieved a dui in pennsylvania. had 3 in the state of maryland prior to 1998, how will this affect me. does this count as first offence?
I think you are confusing "statute of limitations" with the ten-year look back period. Statute of limitations refers...
Can i be charged with DUI while on my suboxone ?
Im being charged with Dui , careless driving,driving at 72/55, and for not having a nice inspection ticket. I take 2 8mg philms a day.It says use care when operating a vehicle on my suboxone prescription. They took blood test and it came back as 1. Buporphen and .9 norbuprenorphine as my results. There were other cars in front of me but they kept slowing down so I went to pass them and got pulled over when I did. He said he clocked me at 72 on the speedometer but there were 2 other cars in front of me and 1 behind me. It was just asfree I left Pittsburgh
You will and should be charged with driving while impaired. The amount of medication in your body qualifies for an...
DUI while on probation
I was arrested for first DUI 3 days ago I am on 2 yrs probation for 2 counts misdemeanor possession have passed all drug test and met all requirements till this new charge I would have bein done in 5 months I called my po Monday he said he will prob violate me at my preliminary hearing what is going to happen will I be detained at hearing am I going to jail?
Yes you will be detained and go to jail pending your Gagnon 1 hearing.
Did I get a DUI?
Was in fender bender, taken to hospital, blood drawn officer took license and keys.
What an interesting question! Of course, we need to know more information to answer with any degree of certainty....
If I have a prior dui that was reduced to wreck less driving can they use that against me for this dui
17 years ago I got a dui and 19 years ago I got a dui dropped to wreck less driving well I just got arrested for another dui last night cop followed me I pulled into gas station parked my car and got out walked up to store he turned lights on and asked me to get back into my car then gave me breath test and field sobriety took me to hospital and I refused a test
This will be considered a first offense for sentencing purposes as they look back 10 years to see how many you have...
Birchfield DUI question
I was recently charged with a 3rd tier DUI. The initial stop was for high beams. The arrest report mentions that I smelled of alcohol but doesn't mention swerving, slurred speech, blood shot eyes etc. I was in control. However, I did (stupidly!) mention that I might have had too many. I also can show a bar tab that shows an amount of beer that combined with my body weight, time elapsed, etc would put me under .08. I can produce a bank statement which shows that it was the only place that I was at that night. If the results of the blood test are thrown out they would have no choice but to charge me with general impairment? It's easy to prove that I drank that night which I would freely admit, but it seems to me that proving in front of a jury that I was over .08 that night might be difficult. Would I have a shot at challenging if the charge gets reduced? Thanks
"If" the charges get reduced to general impairment then you certainly have a good case. The issue is whether Birchfield...