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Can I get drug paraphernalia charge dropped?
OK my best friend picked me up because his friend needed to get dropped off Lenox pa. He didn't want to come back alone. Well I got in the back seat they were smoking pot. Before they got to Lenox then he dropped his friend off at a house. Well I got up front we went down the road a few miles get pulled over. The took the driver out of the car asked me if there were drugs in the car I told them that I was in the back and they were smoking. Plus I said if I wasn't on probation I would have also. I get out of the car either the drivers or his friend had left a pipe and grinder in there. They put us in the cruiser buckled the driver in But not me. We get back to the station after the driver had blood tests. The officer asked me if he could test me I was like go ahead I didn't smoke. He tested me and said I believe you that you didn't smoke we are releasing the driver to you because you're sober. Today I get paperwork saying I got a paraphernalia charge. How is that right the officer even said he believed me I was clean
It's a constructive possession case I would recommend pleading not guilty
Does a blood sample for dui have to be stored in a certain manner
Blood sample was taken in Pa for suspected dui. almost two weeks later it is still at the police station in a cardboard box.. I am concerned that it will not be valid. Consulted an attorney he advised me that he can do nothing until I am charged. I am concerned that this sample will not be accurate. I WAS not under the influence of anything other than being tired. My eyes were red and that gave the office cause to give me a breathalyzer, which I refused and ask for a blood sample. I am concerned that my attorney is not being proactive on the blood sample. Should I find another attorney. I had a DUI in college 3 years ago. Stupid, I know but I did learn a very important lesson .
I am not aware of any rule or requirement that it must be stored in any particular way. If charges are file and the...
DUI in Pennsylvania.
I was pulled over for a dui in Pennsylvania. After driving through the town I was pulled over outside of town limits. I wasn't told why I was pulled over...anything I can do?
Hire an attorney to fight the case and get the evidence.
What is the consequences of fleeing from a dui checkpoint as a passenger?
Should I have even been on the road at all in any capasity with an uninsured unregistered vehicle? I am a complete idiot. My driver ( also suspended...neither one of us for dui although I personally have a terrible background with previous dui's) ran away from a dui checkpoint. Im already facing a charge for driving while suspended ( was in process of trying to gather up my finances and health -kidney stones and stent removal-but did not address that charge as of yet so there may be an active warrant out for me for that as well). On our way to hotel down the road from my doctors my driver was asked to pull over at a sobriety checkpoint. He kept going down the road. What am i facing if I turn myself in to authorities? What would I face if i become paralyzed with fear and park my car never to be driven again? Please advise with a little kindness because I am well aware how my actions are undescribly ridiculous. There was no pursuit. No official arrest. Just drove away to hotel. Please advise. Thank you in advance for your time.
As a passenger you really have not done anything wrong. While it sounds like you have many other problems, I do not...
Possible to have DUI charge dropped?
I was asleep in my running car and found with drug paraphernalia and charged with DUI. Can I plead not guilty since I wasn't driving at the time. Was not charged for paraphernalia just dui
The statute involving DUI encompasses the driving, operating or actual physical control of the movement of a motor...
Dui suspension?
I was rear ended yesterday cops was called no one file a accident report no claims to either insurance. Very nice officer but also did his job and have me a citation for driving(DUI) suspended. This would be my second time getting sited for the dui related suspension. My attorney at the time was able to get me 3 months of house arrest and I'm just not sure this time around. I've come long way as a single dad I have no one in PA to care for my children if something horrible is to happen. What are my options the officer seems very nice... Trust me I was wrong for getting behind the wheel but didn't have no one to pick one of my children for me... The other driver was at fault but everyone treated me very nice and understandable about my license situation... Please please I need help I'm freaking out and I don't want my children to ask me"dad why are you so edgie" I apologize in advance, my only wrong doing is not walking about 12 miles to pick up my child and walking back. I'm responsible for that part... I want to thank you all in advance for any light you may shine my way..
Unfortunately it is not an easy question to answer. It would depend on what is on your driving record, and which judge...
Violation of non- dui ARD and penalties for current charges
Entered into a "hit and run" Ard in Aug. Just got busted for... Posession, driving on suspended license, dui and endangering a minor( 14 yrs old). What are penelties for violation of ard and current charges?
The penalties are going to be the same as they were before you were placed on Ard. Without leaving the scene of...