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treatment. I was in a relapse prevention program and relapsed. Now she says I need outpatient treatment. Can I hold her to her original evaluation? Can I seek a new evaluation? Am I in violation of probation for not completing the recommended treatment when I, in fact, was in enrolled and the treatment plan was changed on me? I'd like to get my DL back someday as well, but I am more concerned about a probation violation. What do I do next? My one year isn't up yet, but I am getting close.
Evaluations are based on current circumstances and in your case; Circumstances changed when you relapsed. So, the...
I was cited with a minor in consumption of alcohol but I was neither blood, urine, or breath tested. After some research I have come to the conclusion that I can not be charged with anything because of a lack of evidence; however, when the cops came they asked if anyone was sober and if they were they could leave. We were then told to give our information in a tape recorder. They asked everyone how much they drank but they forgot to ask me. I neither have a recorded confession or a test to validate my charge. Does the other partial confession serve as a legitimate piece of evidence if it's brought up to me in court? If I refuse to pay the fine do I get a court date with a jury or is it just a hearing?
You seem to be pretty proficient at legal research and have reached you own conclusion that you cannot be charged. Are...
I was stopped for dui at 134am and arrested at 147 but I pumped gas at 1230 I was taken straight to a hospital and told I had to take a blood rest and to sign the paper n my blood test was mail to crime lab what can I do
what can i expect
Basic Consequences for First-Time Offenders If you are convicted of a DUI in North Dakota and this is your first...
The state says I have to complete an evaluation and pay a fee.
There are several issues on statute of limitations cases. First were you arrested did not attend your first court...
I have a class b misdemeanor for possession
If you miss a court date your bond will be forfeited and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. You need to hire an...
This is My First and Only Offence. I have a Court appearance at the End of November.
Canada takes DUI much more seriously than do the United States. You'll need to talk to a Canadian solicitor about...