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I paid the ticket, not knowing I would get my license suspended. I was not drinking, I was 17 at the time of the incident, I had no intention of driving, and I do not have a car on campus ( I am a college student) but was only in the presence of it (that is a new policy enforced by the campus police) and now I got my license suspended for 30 days. I looked up Chapter 961 Sec. 54-95b and it states I can reopen the case. My license has not been suspended yet but I have 2 and a half weeks until the date. Is there anyway I can appeal the case?
You are correct in that you can move to reopen the case and that is what you'll have to do. I've successfully handled...
I was going to the store for my girlfriend who just had surgery. I'm just wondering if my PO can violate me on a warning like this.
NO, a warning will not even be reported.
Live in CT. Arrested Sunday 8/4/13 for dui of .15 or higher in RI. Suspension carries over to my state but i am not sure if i can legally drive up until i am sentenced by a judge.
Have you seen a judge or were your privileges otherwise suspended in RI? Consult with a RI attorney. 1-877-99-NO-TIX.
Arrested for DUI in RI for .15 or greater than. I live in CT and understand suspension goes over to my state but i am unsure of when the suspension goes into effect, and if i can legally drive up until i am sentenced by the court.
Generally your state licensing agency will notify you (normally by mail) of an impending suspension/revocation based...
If I have a probation for a misdemeanor for Breach Of Peace(6 Months Jail, Execution Suspended, Probation 18 Month), Failure To Appear (1yr Jail, Execution Suspended, Probation 18 months) and a DUI, what happens if I'm arrested for driving with a suspended license in the state of CT? Will I go to jail? If so when and how long?
It isn't good. If your probation is revoked, you could serve both of the suspended terms. Probation means you have...
The officer stated that my failure to signal/failure to driver right was the reason he began to follow me
There is no mechanism to get results of a test dismissed. The conditions and failure to follow testing protocal would...
My 3 convictions were between 2000-2002. I never hit anyone or hurt anyone. I served 8 months in jail and clearly "got the message." I was able to start the revocation reversal process beginning in 2009 and had my license back by Sept 2010. Even though it was valid, it wasn't 100% restored because I still had to install the IID. How can I prove to the DMV that I have been sober for 9 yrs after being a drinker for 5 yrs? What about Amendment 14? I had a chance to go to college but I had no way of getting there, but I went through the motions to get enrolled anyway and was accepted. Seriously, how much longer do I have to pay for stupid stuff I did in my early 20's?
I am not licenses in Connecticut, so this should not be considered legal advice in that jurisdiction. However, based on...