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I'm in Nc have 2violations on a 9 day suspended sentence what will happen?
Violated for 2 months behind on fines and missed appts but I wanted to activate my 9 days she said 3 violations
If your suspended sentence was for 9 days and you want to activate, then ask the court to revoke your probation and...
DUI after the fact & Accident report required?
I drank too much last night & hit a curb stting off my airbags. I had a friend take me home. I am concerned w- being charged w- DUI afterwards. There was no damage to any property other than my wheel. I had the vehcle towed to a repair shop. They don't know it's there yet since it's Sunday. If there isn't a requirement for them to report I guess I don't need to worry ?
You are probably required to file an accident report if there was a certain amount of damage to your car. Other than...
What does level five dwi mean
just wanted to know what that meant
In NC, DWI sentences are levels 1-5. Levels 1 and 2 carry the harshest consequences. Level 5 usually carries the...
Can a law enforcement officer question an intoxicated person and trick them into admitting to a crime that didn't happen?
The cops was asking my fiance questions at the same time and tricked her into admitting to a crime neither of us did. We was arrested for assaulting each other. Both denied assaulting each other. When they noticed my cameras were not on they teamed up on her with questions back to back and at the same time. Her ex husband was the caller cause he called when we were having a disagreement.
An officer can, in large part, deceive you. Any responses they get when using ruses or legal deceptions are going to be...
What do i have to do to get interlock removed from my car if it was optional
need to have interlock removed its been a year and it wasnt court ordered it was part it was optional due to the deal made in court
Take it back to the provider who installed it and they can remove it.
If I plead guilty to refusing chemical analysis in Lexington, NC, what is the charge put on my record upon conviction?
First refusal, first dui arrest and no dui convictions. I refused the chemical analysis and the law seems clear. NC GS 20-16.2 (d) in reference to this section, I believe the state has sufficient proof that I refused, but I am unclear if I have then committed a felony or misdemeanor or some form of DUI. I believe I should simply attend the hearing and plead guilty, but I am going to finish graduate school next year and I am concerned with the consequences regarding future employment.
A DMV refusal hearing is a different beast from your pending DWI--different burdens, different elements, different...
Beating an underage consumption charge?
I am 17 years old and I am facing an underage consumption charge. I was detained at my own house after my parents called the police because they suspected I was drunk. When the officers arrived at my house I told them I wasn't going to answer any questions without an attorney present and they arrested me right away, but I was never given any sobriety tests or a breathalyzer or anything to prove I was intoxicated, and the officer also did not read me my rights. Upon entering jail, the processing officer had questions to answer about me asking if they thought I was under the influence and that officer answered no. This is my first time getting in any trouble and I feel like the lack of evidence will allow me to beat this charge, do I have a solid defense or can I still be convicted?
It is weak with out evidence. No blood alcohol or breath alcohol or urine test? What can your parent testify to? Did...