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Theodore Crime

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  • Police log: Woman drove into field while high

    Tuesday Sep 12 | via Chambersburg Public Opinion 

    An Alabama woman was arrested after state police said she admitted to smoking synthetic marijuana before driving through a cow pasture. Police log: Woman drove into cow pasture while high on synthetic marijuana An Alabama woman was arrested after state police said she admitted to smoking synthetic marijuana before driving through a cow pasture.


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  • Victim identified, Cold Hole homicide stemmed from a...

    Monday Aug 21 | via Alabama Live 

    The Mobile County Sheriff's Office identified the victim in a fatal shooting at 5750 Alice Lane on Sunday evening as 21-year-old Jeffrey Shawn Sanford. The Mobile County Sheriff's Office identified the victim in a fatal shooting at 5750 Alice Lane on Sunday evening as 21-year-old Jeffrey Shawn Sanford.( A 21-year-old man was shot in the neck and killed Sunday night by a man with a shotgun who claimed he was trying to protect his daughter, according to the Mobile County Sheriff's Office.


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  • Suspect wearing flip-flops robs a gas station in Mob...

    Aug 16, 2017 | via Alabama Live 

    A suspect wearing flip-flops is being sought for robbing a gas station clerk at gunpoint in the Theodore area on Tuesday , according to the Mobile Police Department. Mobile police released surveillance video footage from the Shell Gas Station located at 6960 Theodore Dawes Road on August 15. Police are asking for the public's assistance with identifying the two male subjects seen walking through the doors together when the video begins.


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Theodore Law

WWhat course of action doin need to take in my dui /possession case?
I was pulled over on 9-6-17 in orange beach Alabama And arrested for dui for marijuana. And possession of marijuana they did not take blood or any kind of drug test. To prove I was under the influence altho I did fail a sobriety test they did find marijuana in my vehicle that was not mine they in fact never found mine what should I do?this is my First offence on both. Charges
Make sure you hire a lawyer here on the island that is in that court regularly. The judge in Orange Beach can be quite...
MMy friend was arrested for possession/receiving controlled substance, what does that technically mean?
Like does that mean that he was purchasing drugs or did they just like find drugs on him. I am trying to understand the possession/receiving part. I thought that it would be one or the other, not both together like that.
It simply means that your friend was in possession of a controlled substance at the time. It can be that they received...
Can i be ticketed after a crash?
I was in a car wreck witch someone drive me off the road and i crashed in a ditch and i passed out after the poilce was called and they took me to me to the hospital and i had. Weed in my system but i wasnt smoking at the time of crash nor was i drinking. So what can i do
What you need to do is retain (hire) the best criminal defense lawyer that you can afford to represent you in this...
Need help determining possible outcomes of arrest with very odd circumstances?
I was arrested in my front lawn after a search of my person by an officer for having my prescribed adderall pill in my pocket. The local police charged me initially with possession of crack cocaine. The drug lab confirmed that it was not crack cocaine, but it was in fact a prescribed adderall pill. I had, and still have an active prescription for the medication and can prove it. What do I do?
A lawyer will review the facts of your case. He will look at all the surrounding circumstances of the arrest and the...
Can he really file charges for theft by deception?
My husband recently sold his speakers and amp out of his truck. He sold the speaker 5 days before he sold the amp. When je sold the speakers the amp was in good working condition. When he sold the amp he had it hooked up amd ready for the guy to test before purchasing. The guy showed up late due to car trouble and chose not to test the amp. Now 4 weeks later the guy is threatening charges for theft by deception if my husband doesn't give him his money back because he says the amp isn't working and told my husband that he knows where he lives and what he drives. The amp worked when my husband sold them and he had them ready to test before the guy purchased them. Why would he be ready to have them tested if they didn't work. How can this guy file charges when there was no deception?
This is likely merely a threat. Purchases of this nature are usually "as is" without any warranty. If you did not...
MMy step daughter got a dui and went to court paid her find but did not finish the duo class.then she got 2nd duo couple year
She did not sign up for probation or anything she was suppose to now in jail failure to appear and probation vlation will they give her a bond or make her sit it out in jail.she did 40 days in other county and was released to a new countyfor this charge she has a letter to get in a alcohol rehab will they
Your daughter will need to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. When a person gets a second DUI offense while...
What charges am I looking at for failing 3 drug tests for alcohol while on color code?
2 years ago, I was arrested for DUI and resisting arrest. My lawyer pushed back court until last year when a new DA was assigned. The new DA dropped the DUI charge re-charged me with the resisting charge. They then placed a warrant on me for arrest and I was picked up on a Friday afternoon and spent 3 days in jail. My lawyer argued that I was erroneously remanded and asked for leniency in light of my serving 3 days jail time. At the court date, I was given a 1 year suspended sentence, ordered to pay $500 in court fees,given 6 months of color code, and also 2 years of unsupervised probation in lieu of serving the 1 year sentence. I had to report for drug testing within 2 weeks of the court date and was not clean at the time, so I, of course, failed the initial drug test. Last month was supposed to be my final month of testing, but when I went they said I had failed my test in January, as well and they were ordering an additional 6 months of color code. So today, my color is called, I go to take my test and they tell me that I also failed my test last month and that I will have to go back to court since I've now failed 3 tests for alcohol. What are best/worst-case scenarios?
This is a complicated question and it would be best to refer the question to your attorney of record. But as I...