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I got a d.u.i. march 31 of 2012 i have not done the s.a.t.o.p do I have to before i can get my license . it's been 3 years
I just don't have the money what can i do
We would need more information. Did you receive an sis or ses? Was it a condition of probation? Did you test over?...
I was driving but my husband got DWI what can we do??
My husband and I were at a bar and of course drinking. Well we were going to leave with some friends and I decided to move the car my husband was in the passenger seat and I stupidly decided to do a burn out in the empty parking lot. Anyway cops showed up and asked who was driving as they clearly could see my husband getting out of the passenger seat and me standing by the driver door with keys in my hand. My husband said he was driving because I have my CDL and drive a school bus and will loose my job if I got a DWI. So my husband took the blame but now I want to just go ahead and say it was me because it really was me and my husband already has 3 DWI this would be his 4th but that's not fair to him because he really was not driving. The cops never investigated me or asked me any questions they just took my husbands word for it. So how can we fight this back? What will happen if I say I really was driving after they already charged my husband?
If you admit that you were really the one driving, you will very likely be arrested and charged with DWI. If convicted,...
DUI and driving with supsended license.
I have a pending DUI and driving with a suspended license in Missouri 1st offense. Court tomorrow, so no official charges. I was pulled over two weeks ago and given a second driving with a suspended license 1st offense. Will one of these become a 2nd offense. Do I need an attorney for the second charge?
You should retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you on the DUI and on both driving while...
In short, I have had 3 DUI's and had my license revoked for 10 years.
It has been 6 out of 10 years on my license revocation and I am having difficulty finding jobs w/o a car. Is that ANY VIABLE OPTIONS I can explore like a limited driving privilege of some sort??? I live in Missouri. Any HELP would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
Speak with a local attorney. The attorneys on this web site can only provide general information and discuss legal...
The state pick up the DUI the city dropped it, its the 4th DUI he didn't blow and they didn't take blood how can they prove it?
My boyfriend was pulled over for going 1 to 4 miles over the speed limit and not maintaining a lane plus was driving on a suspended! He didn't blow and they didn't take blood so how can they prove its a DUI, plus I had his pants down giving him head when the officer came to the window he told him to zip his pants and buckle his belt
They can prove it via the officers' observations of your boyfriend's behavior. A fourth DWI can be a felony, I would...
What are the steps that I need to take to clear this DWI from my record?
I was leaving a friends place after having a couple of drinks, just a couple I wasn't drunk, while I am driving home I move partially out of my lane to avoid hitting a pot hole and the officer pulled me over for not maintaining a single lane. The officer then began giving me test to see if I was drunk and I passed all of them. When the cop gave me the breathalyzer test I blew 4 times and all were inconclusive so I was arrested and taken to the station. When I blew at the station I blew a .102 and they booked me with a DWI. I was able to leave right after and did not and a bond. I am a college student and having this on my record could jeopardize my future.
First, you need to contact an attorney immediately. There are deadlines you don't want to miss which will effect your...
Can I be terminated from dwi court if I obtain LDP through dor? if terminated can I face jail time?
limited driving priviledge through dwi court is a 10 month wait.... dor has a 45 day wait.... 3rd dwi
Yes. Yes.