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I got arrested for dwi while on probation, will i go to jail and for how long?
I was on probation for 18 months and my po is mean. I got arrested for dwi on a different state. I went to court and they gave me probation but they found out that i had probation where i live.
The court may file a motion to revoke probation, if they find out about about the DWI charge. If the DWI charge is...
How do I fight an aggraved DUI?
I was attending a well known motorcycle club's benefit and as soon as I left, I was stopped for speeding. There were Sherriffs Dept officers waiting for people leaving this benefit. I had a couple of beers and I knew the second I got stopped I was going to jail. I asked how fast I was going twice and was told that I was speeding and going over the speed limit. They did not clock me. I feel like this was a trap. I knew I was going to jail anyways so I refused testing.
With a Criminal Defense Attorney......................................................
I have been convicted of DWI four times. I'm wondering am I eligible for a CDL in the state of New Mexico
Just wanting to know because drivers get paid a lot more than what I'm making now.
The specficc answer will come from asking the dmv or searching the dmv website to see what are the requirements and...
Will I have to do manitory jail time for blowing 0.10 dwi
This is my 2nd dui...i have a 1 year old and a 4 month old...i blew a 0.10....is there anyway to not do manitory jail time and do extinsive outpatient treatment to prevent losing my job? I am a single mother.
You need to retain an attorney who specializes in DUI. There is too much at risk for you now and for your future.
When does the 20 minute deprivation period begin?
I was arrested for DWI a couple days ago. Looked at the officers report, which states I was stopped "at approximately 0208." Given a quick field test then taken down the street for the IR8000. Report says they "verified the 20 minute deprivation period had passed." Copy of the test results I was given shows 2:16 and 2:17, respectively. I, after being unable to reach my personal physician, was not given an opportunity or guidance on how to obtain an independant blood draw. Was told "thats the reality of the situation." Was then immediately taken to booking. How is this legal?
It sounds liked you have some solid issues with your case. If your timeline is correct, it appears that the twenty...
DUI in New Mexico DMV will not issue a interlock license. I was asked to call Santa Fe the results were a revoked license for li
Is a revoked for life even possible? Will I need an attorney to drive again. Currently moving to AZ. On probation for 10 more months
Usually only when you have four or more convictions, and even then it is for ten years, which can be challenged in...
My fiance got a DUI in 2012 and an attorney suggested he should sign for voluntary deportation and he did .
My fiance got a DUI in 2012 and voluntarily signed his deportation he was sent to his country and he tried coming back and got caught so they deported him for 5 years he tried coming back again and made it back to the U. S he is currently here and got his license unsuspended with putting an interlock on his vehicle for 6 months the DUI has been the only thing he has had on his record, we are getting married soon and I am a US Citizen and we have 4 US Citizen children is there any way we can fix his legal status although he reentered the US illegally
No. As a multiple violator he must be out of the US for 10 years before he can be admitted.