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  • Billerica man guilty of rape, assault in domestic case

    Friday Dec 8 | via Home 

    A 41-year-old Billerica man has been found guilty of a litany of domestic-violence charges, including aggravated rape and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Robert Gardner was found guilty of eight of the 14 charges against him by a Lowell Superior Court jury on Thursday.


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  • Motor vehicle theft busted in Tewksbury before victi...

    Tuesday Dec 5 | via Home 

    Tewksbury police Officer Michael Maccario, with help from two colleagues, made an arrest in a series of vehicle break ins early Monday morning even before the victims of the crimes realized anything was amiss. And the suspect who drew Maccario's attention is now being held on $750 cash bail, in large part due to a criminal history with over 122 entries, and a recently completed prison sentence for a similar crime, according to police reports.


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  • Tewksbury police searching for woman behind 4 doorst...

    Thursday Nov 30 | via Boston.com 

    Police are searching for an unidentified woman who allegedly stole four packages from the doorsteps of several Tewskbury homes this week, Tewksbury police said. The four thefts occurred Sunday night and Monday, and were committed by a woman who appeared to be pregnant, in surveillance footage taken from one victim's porch and posted online by police.


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  • Police Logs

    Saturday Nov 25 | via TheDay.Com 

    To continue reading up to 10 premium articles, you must register , or sign up and take advantage of this exclusive offer: Jennifer Jamal Khudari, 30, Tewksbury, Mass., was charged Thursday with three counts of possession of a controlled substance, possession of less than a half-ounce of marijuana, illegal storage of prescription outside of container, possession with intent to distribute and possession with intent to distribute within 1,500 feet of a school.


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  • Widower finds comfort in child, faith after Las Vega...

    Friday Nov 24 | via Las Vegas Review Journal 

    Jason and Rhonda LeRocque cuddle with daughter Ali during a Maui vacation. Rhonda was killed Oct. 1 at the shooting in Las Vegas.


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  • Deceased man's cellphone sends away alleged dealer

    Nov 8, 2017 | via Lowell Sun 

    A 24-year-old Lawrence man was sentenced to two years in jail and two years of probation after pleading guilty to drug charges brought as a result of an investigation that used the cell phone of a man who died in a drug overdose. Rhoderick Adino was among three men arrested by Tewksbury police in February of last year after selling drugs to undercover detectives who contacted them with the cell phone of a 28-year-old man who died of a drug overdose, according to police.


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  • Man, teen arraigned in fatal Lowell party beating

    Nov 3, 2017 | via Lowell Sun 

    Prosecutors allege that Thomas Ogden was sitting in his Lowell home watching the World Series last October while a raucous party took place on his property when several teenagers carried in 15-year-old Ethan Costello. Costello was slipping in and out of consciousness, police say, after he stumbled into then-18-year-old Joseph Zagarella of Tewksbury, prompting Zagarella to slam him into a concrete floor.


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  • Mass. Legislature moves to ban bump stocks

    Nov 2, 2017 | via Boston.com 

    The state Legislature took a significant step Thursday toward making Massachusetts the first state in the nation to ban bump stocks. Beacon Hill lawmakers sent a bill to Governor Charlie Baker that would outlaw the sale, purchase, or ownership of such devices, which can be attached to a semiautomatic firearm to increase its firing speed.


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Tewksbury Law

I am waiting for a jury trial in january 2012 for OUI charges. I have acid reflux and had a panic attack just before
I took the breathe alyzer test. What kind of professional could testify, MD? Or is there medical documentation that could be used in court?
These are factors that can absolutely impact the results of your breath test by falsely elevating them. The reflux...
I have a DUI, do I have to answer yes if an background check form asks if I have been convicted of a crime? e.g., Do I need
I was convicted of a misdemeanor DUI (first offense) in New Hampshire in April 2007. I am a resident of Massachusetts and was at the time of the conviction. It has been reduced to a violation but still appears on my insurance. If it has been reduced in NH does that mean that it is also reduced in MA? If I move to have it sealed in NH does it also get sealed in MA? The interstate issue confuses me. Do I have to answer yes on a disclosure form if it has been reduced to a violation?
Your criminal record is effected by the state that convicted you. Your driving record follows you everywhere. So, if...
Will I go to jail?
I violated my pretrial conditions. I was given a scram remote breathalyzer and I tested positive for alcohol. What's the worst that can happen to me?
If you were given the bail warnings, the Commonwealth can ask that the court make a finding that you violated your...
Can I get a DUI if the officer didn't give me a breathalyzer test and didn't ask for my license and registration?
I was found vomiting outside my car door. A cop came by and had me take a cab home. He didn't ask for my license or registration and didn't make me take a breathalyzer test. All he did was ask for my first name and whether or not I was going to drive. I responded no. I had no alcohol in the car and the car wasn't on (no lights, not key in the ignition, etc.). The cop waited with me until the cab got me and brought me home. My car was in the same spot the next day when I went to pick it up. Is there still a possibility I can be brought to court/get a DUI by receiving something in the mail in they took down my license number without me aware of it? Is there any possibility for something like that occurring or some other punishment? Should I call someplace or look something up to find out, or just wait it out? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have no previous record.
There is a possibility, but if you weren't observed in the car, and you weren't driving, it's unlikely. You could be...
In Massachusetts, what is the plea bargaining and how do you reduced the license suspension?
We have court case and preparing to reduced the suspension
In short, plea bargaining is a process in which a person (usually the attorney for a defendant) discusses the case with...
How can I as the wife and co owner of a car, protect myself finanancially from a husband who continues to drink and drive? TY
My husband continues to drink and drive despite having a DUI under his belt, I need to protect myself financially. We did sell our home and the proceeds are in an account that does not have his name on it, however we both own our cars. I am contemplating taking him off our car insurance but not sure what the ramifications of that are. Thank you
Taking him off the car insurance won't protect you, it will hurt you. Insurance covers injuries caused by the driver,...
I plead guilty to dui in mass.probation for a year.planned family vacation in Aruba all paid for last year.can I go?
Just plead guilty for dui in mass have a trip booked to Aruba with wife and daughter in July.booked and paid for last year.first time offense no other record for anything.will I be able to be granted permission to go
This isn't likely to be a problem. Just talk to you probation officer who will have you go in front of the judge most...