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I was found not guilty for a refusal does that me I can get my license back
I was arrested n refused all tests n went to trial for a DUI refuse to blow an I was found not guilty does that mean my license is still suspended for a year or can I go get it reinstated now that the issue has been resolved
Unfortunately in a refusal, the outcome of the court case has no bearing on the 1 year initial suspension for refusing...
I want to sue the Palm Beach Sherriff's office for defamation of character which may have ended my career as a physician.
I was in an auto accident and presumed DUI because Ii was somewhat confusion having been unconscious at the scene. I passed the breath test twice and additional sobriety tests at the detention center but was claimed to be in possession of illegal controlled substances, which were samples of prescriptions I actually have. So I was arrested and my mugshot and "DUI" and "possession of illegal drugs" was posted all over the internet. It cost more than 5K to get them down but my hospital suspended me because I was arrested for DUI (but I was NOT a DUI. NO charges have been filed and the case is considered closed but the hospital reported me to the DOH now and have attorney number three working on that. I trained for so many years and now may have lost my medical career. My medical workup showed severely low sodium and dehydration which likely led to a seizure. I have been cleared to return to work but the threats to my job continue.
"Can I sue _______" is not a criminal defense question; It is a civil law question. Last I checked this was still...
Can I get a Florida license and what do I have to complete to get one?
I was charged with permitting a DUI in west Virginia several years ago for letting someone who was intoxicated drive my car. There were no points charged to my license but my license were suspended (now expired) until I completed the dui class-which i have no yet had the money to do. I now live in Palm Beach Florida. I need to get a license or other I'd so I can get a job.
You will have to complete an equivalent DUI class here in Florida that satisfies Virginia and provide proof of...
Do I still get arrested and/or in trouble for drinking beer on a bike??
I was riding my bike when I was on my way home from work and I happened to be drinking a big can of beer (I recently turned 21 years old) and I'm just curious if I can still get arrested for DUI even though I'm not driving a motor vehicle. I didn't get stopped by the police nor I haven't seen one near me.
In some states, including North Carolina where I practice, you can receive a DWI while on a bicycle. Sounds crazy I...
If convicted, what is a "realistic" jail term the prosecution will ask for? Is it possible to be convicted without jail time?
Arrested for DUI and Refusal in Palm Beach County, FL. Was convicted of the same charges in Palm Beach County 10 years ago. My administrative hearing was denied and my license is suspended with no privileges for the next 18 months. I know I am facing 9-12 months on both the DUI and the separate refusal charge.
I think that it is realistic that if your facts of your case are bad and you lose at trial you could get 60 days more...
I have 4 life time dui's in florida 2 were 30 years ago one in 79 one in 83 one in 04 and one in 2015
Dui law florida how do they consider that habitual
HabitualTraffic Offender status is only for 5 years. However, if you have four (4) DUI's, the law requires that your...
Can I drive the company vehicle without an interlock?
I have been recently convicted of a DUI and consequently have to have a interlock device on my personal vehicle. My question is, for work, can I under any pretenses drive a company vehicle?
Excellent question. Florida Statutes create an exception. Here's the text of the law: F.S. 316.1937 (7) ...