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Can I request a restricted license if it's been revoked
How am I suppose to maintain being a contributing member of society without driving priveledges? I understand that they are just that, priveledges, but I need to get to work and I need to attend classes
Contact the DMV. Typically if your license has been "revoked" rather than suspended, no restricted license is...
First dui while on informal probation
Was on informal probation for fake tags. Paid fine off but got a dui n have court tomorrow. What am I looking at?
You are definitely looking at a probation violation in addition to the DUI. As to what exactly the punishment is on...
I need a attorney who is not afraid to file charges against the CHP possibly State of Ca
My Husband was killed in a auto crash by a drugged driver who at the scene was determined 100% the only survivor's his fault. CHP even after he was told by fire fighter at the scene that he was wearing a 50mg patch that was cut in half of fentanyl a time release pain medication that is not to be used if cut or damaged in any way. CHP waited 6 hours before getting a blood test. Help Me
I don't see where you think you have a case against the State or CHP. Sounds like you may have a wrongful death action...
Do I need to get a DMV hearing for a DUI?
I was pulling out of a parking space, turned to sharp and pulled the bumper off the car next to me. Stopped got out to see what happened, an individual removed my keys from my truck. Said I was to drunk to drive,called police and was arrested for DUI. What should I do now? This happened on this last Weds. night.
It's always best to consult with a qualified DUI lawyer in your area, preferably a member of California DUI Lawyers...
F1 Visa: will i get approved? Overstay + DUI
I used to be an aupair from April 2014-April 2016. To that time were a lot of problems going on with my agency. They were supposed to pay my flight ticket home which they refused to do. I've filed a change of status for a tourist visa (b2) before my j1 expired. A former LCC recommended my host family to sponsor me as a student which they agreed to do. She told me to cancel my application for a tourist visa and also said that I shouldn't be worried to be out of status for a few weeks. I cancelled the application but wasn't able to enroll into school because I was past the due for summer quarter. Weeks past and the lady arranged something with school that I would've been able to enroll for winter. They told me that I have to apply from my home country (Germany) because I was out of status. In august I got arrested for a DUI misdemeanor. The court date was set for November. I left the states in the beginning of October and hired a lawyer who could represent me at court. I didn't pass 180 days. I want to apply for a student visa but am really concerned that they won't listen at all and reject me right away. Would it even make sense to apply? Should i hire an immigration lawyer? Thanks
Given your circumstances, yes, you should hire an immigration lawyer to consult with so that you can get legal advice....
How do I get an IID restriction removed?
I was pulled over for a routine traffic infraction. During this, I was also cited for driving on a suspended license, 14601.1. When I went to court, I was told it was a mandatory minimum ten day jail sentence and one year of having to install an IID in my car. I did not know my license was suspended after my DUI conviction (turns out I let my SR-22 lapse). After showing the prosecutor this, she agreed to make a deal with me, and charged me with 14601.5 instead. This way, in addition to a dramatic reduction in fees, I wouldn't have to serve any jail time, and there would be no requirement to install an IID. Well, I've since resubmitted my SR-22, paid my fines, and today, walked into the DMV to get my full and unrestricted license. But the DMV says I'll need to install an IID before they give me a license. After I explained the situation as I just did here, they said the DMV and court are not the same, and they are allowed to take their own action. What do I do? Who do I talk to? Part of the plea deal was that the IID was off the table, and now I'm feeling stuck.
You need to speak with a SLO DUI attorney to deal with this.
Do I need a DMV hearing?
I was pulling out ou a parking space tore the bumper off car next to me. Stopped to find owner, keys were taken out of my truck by a person,he then called police and I waited in the parking lot.
You simply report it to the police and to your insurance to resolve