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If this is my first Dui is there anyway around getting the interlock device?
Had a DUI 2009 and I just became eligible to get my license not my hardship in August of this year. This is my first Dui and I have met all my court requirements as far as taking the Dui course and paying all the fines and court cost. My question is the only thing I'm having problems with is the interlock device I have to have to put on the car. I can't afford to pay for the installation and the monthly fees, is there any way around me not having to get the interlock device? Also the reason I had to get the interlock is because my B.A.C was over a certain limit
The short (and long) answer to this frequently asked question is "no". DHSMV will hold your driving privileges hostage...
Do I have to report a WA state "Negligent Driving" (reduced DUI) conviction to my FL car insurance company?
I am a Florida resident and driver. I got a "negligent driving 1st degree" conviction in WA state, a misdemeanor reduced conviction (still alcohol related) stemming from a DUI arrest with a BAC of .09. This was 15 months ago. I took care of everything with the courts, but forgot to report to my car insurance company. Am I obligated to report it to them?
If you had a FL DL then WA will inform FL and your records will reflect the charge. You can obtain a copy of your...
Can an office do a field sobriety test after a car accident & informing the office having bad balance due to surgery in the ear?
car accident a tree was hit. No alcohol or drugs in vehicle , was not pulled over , no one saw the accident. vehicle was not operable and total lost. Yes, to request for a lawyer. Officer still continue insisting on a field sobriety test and explained bad balanced due an inner ear surgery. status on person bad balance over weight 300 lbs at 5 feet 8 inches, high blood pressure, inner ear surgery and was in an accident without seat belt.
An officer can request field sobriety tests, but the fact you advised him of your inner ear problem should have been...
What is Florida's look back period, is there a chance I'm eligible for a license there?
I have 5 dwi's in N.Y., only 1 of which is in the past 10 years. I have since gotten sober and I'm trying to rebuild my life. I'm however finding it difficult to find a good job with no license not to mention felony convictions.
I don't know what you mean by "look back period" but I suppose that you think there may be a window after which FL-DMV...
Will I need an attorney for a first time DUI?
This is my first offence in anything. My records are otherwise clean. My report reads that I had fallen asleep at a stop light (it was around 4am) with my foot on the break when the arresting officer woke me and proceeded to perform the field sobriety tests. I was compliant throughout the process, but I'm also seeing my BAC was at .173/.172... And I'm not sure of the likeliness of being able to successfully request at least an hardship license before my 10 days are up. Or what options I may be eligible for- because I did see in the DMV handbook that first time offenders do have an option for reinstating a suspended license due to a DUI. I will probably need an attorney anyway if I want to have the incident expunged. So if I plan to do that is it best to just get an attorney asap?
You should definitely consult with and retain an experienced attorney in the Hillsborough County area. There may be...
How can I go about fixing this and find an affordable attorney for something that seems rather simple. Havent been in trouble si
I had an OVI in the state of Ohio in 2011, first time offense. I was finally able to pay the $490 reinstatement fee a few months back, $15 of which the bmv site said was for a warrant block. I was only staying in Ohio temporarily and had a wife and child still living in north Dakota, but due to a rocky marriage, was continually being forced to relocate. I am now in Florida and have been for 3 years. I called them and was told I had a bench warrant, was transferred to the probation office where no one answered, so I left a message explaining my situation to which I never received a response. I am almost certain I am going to need an attorney, just not certain what direction I need to go in to get this off weight off my back and get on with my life, with driving privileges.
I practice in CA, and I don't know what the requirements are for a DUI conviction regarding the license to drive, but I...
How many times will a DUI hearing be continued?
My ex has two pending DUIs currently, one has been continued 6 times (now over 10 months after the arrest) in Pinellas County, the other 11 times (now 15 months after the arrest) in Hillsborough count. This seems like a bad joke. I have an interest in her actually facing consequences since we're in a custody dispute. Is this common and how long can this go on for?
It can be continues as long as the judge is willing to allow the continuance. There are often strategic reasons for...