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Can a probation officer take a mothers children from her because she cannot afford to yet pay for court ordered dui classes?
My friend has been told that the tampa probation officer will take her children because she doesn't have the money to pay for dui school.
I hope this is not legal in Florida. It would be best for you to ask an experienced criminal defense attorney in...
How do I consolidate two different citation number that are from the same case.
I was involved in a DUI crash in 2004, the accident happened at 11pm, I received one citation on the 5/1/04 around 11 something at night and then the other citation was written after midnight on 5/2/04, this is making my driving record look like I have 2 separate DUI's one on 5/1 and the other of 5/2. I was told that I need to get them combined. How do I go about doing this?
If these cases are closed, there is not much that you can do. Are both cases involving a DUI charge? You can be...
Person operating a motorized bicycle was struck in a hit and run. Police arrived and charged him with operating w/o a license
Also charged with BUI. Driving w/o license not valid by definition of motorized bicycle. Person incarcerated two days. Refused breath test. Hit and run driver unknown. Independent witness present. Bike was properly lighted. Is the refusal a valid refusal? The person knew the bicycle was not a motor vehicle did not require a drivers license and was familiar the drivers license says motor vehicle. In the 6th Circuit. Legal argument and best course of action? THANK YOU
Not clear if you are inquiring about the tickets or the injury claim, but appears to be the former. Good a good lawyer...
Is a first Florida DUI offense considered a "serious misdemeanor"?
I was charged and convicted for first time DUI in Tampa, FL in 2013. No crash, damage or injuries my BAC was 0.13/0.14. Got the minimum sentence (revocation, fines, CS, DUI school) with no jail time (except for the 8 hrs after arrest) and I completed everything within 6 months. I am about to graduate with a PhD and I am applying for faculty tenure track position in a University in California. The online application form asks the following question "have you ever been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor?" As you can see my struggle is with the design "serious." Even after reading other online posts i am still not sure how to answer without being dishonest. Thanks in advance.
This is not a criminal defense question; It is an administrative / regulatory / licensing question, and no lawyer can...
Was punched by bar owner In his establishment. Called cops but too drunk and said didn't want to press charges. Now want to
My vineer tooth was fine night before when officers showed up, but next morning found that it was loose. I want establishment to pay for tooth and damages. They refuse saying he didn't punch, even though I had witnessed. Can I change statement and press charges against owner and is there a case here? Can I sue the bar? Isn't there common law saying bar is responsible for negligent? Should I even discuss with authorities and attempt to reopen case?
Here in California individuals are able to change their statement. Thus, I would assume you can do the same in FL. I...
Can I drive in FL with a NY conditional license?
I was recently arrested for Aggravated DWI in the state of NY, the state I'm licensed in, and I am planning on plea bargaining down to DWI. I have moved to FL since the arrest. I am planning on applying for a conditional license in NY and I'm wondering if I would be allowed to drive within the state of FL using such a license, assuming I'm following the restrictions set forth by the NYS DMV.
A resident of Florida must have a FL driver's license. I assume from your story you are now a resident so I would...
Will I be able to enter Canada with a DUI in the US as a naturalized Canadian citizen?
I gained my Canadian citizenship when I was a teenager living in Canada. I moved back to the US when I became an adult - and I received a DUI afterward. Although I a Canadian commemorative certificate with a certificate number on it, this is not proof of citizenship. Technically speaking, I am a Canadian citizenship, though. Will the Canadian customs agents be able to verify my citizenship without myself having proof and let me in to Canada because of this regardless of my DUI in the states? Or does not having that proof on my person risk me being turned away from entering Canada since they don't allow DUIs in? Thank you.
Unfortunately this forum is for American Immigration Law, you should try to find an attorney from Canada or find an...