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Can the dmv require me to have an interlock device if the judge ordered that I do not have to install an interlock device?
I completed the court's requirements and yet the dmv wants me to have an interlock device installed on top of fees and proof of insurance to get my license back.
You only have to get the interlock if you want to drive. Yes, they can require it, even if the judge didn't require....
How do I get my license back after a DUI conviction?
I was arrested for a DUI (over 0.15), and completed all of my conditions of probation. I was arrested while driving a friend's vehicle - I don't own one. I was court ordered to get an Ignition Interlock device installed in my vehicle. I have saved up enough money for a down payment (already approved financing), get the appropriate insurance coverage, get the Interlock device installed, and pay all fines to get my license reinstated. Here's the problem, and I no one seems to be able to help. I'm stuck in a perpetual loop of insanity, and it's aggravating as all get out. I cannot purchase a vehicle or insurance without a valid driver's license. However, I cannot get a valid driver's license until I show proof of the SR-22 insurance coverage and proof of the Interlock installation. I can't get one without the other, or the other without the one. I go to the dealership and they tell me I can't get a car without a valid driver's license. My insurance company won't even cover me if my license isn't valid. But I can't get my driver's license reinstated until I have those two. I'm out of ideas. Can an attorney help with this at all?
As crazy as it sounds, one way around this problem is to use a friend's vehicle to get your license and then once you...
How can obtain a florida drivers license to get to work
I had a DUI in NJ in 2004 and was pulled over last june on a suspended license b/c of the NJ DUI not being satisfied. I have since paid NJ in full and attended the mandatory driving school and am currently enrolled in the mandatory 16 week substance abuse program but cant obtain a license until I complete it. I looked into a hardship liscense but since I never had a valid Florida drivers license I don't qualify for it...what are my options? should I obtain a lawyer I need to be able to drive to work
The short answer is that when you are eligible for a license in New Jersey, then you will be eligible for a license in...
My 23 yr old son got aa dui with a bac of .21 and admitted to drinking per police report.
He never drinks and was actually feeling sick that day and took NyQuil. He friend was going out to celebrate his end of semester. My son, also a student made the decision to go. On the way home he was at a traffic light. When the light turned green he noticed traffic ahead was moving. The car directly in front of him didn't move and he slightly tapped her car. They got out and looked at cars and he noticed no damage but since they were blocking traffic they pulled through intersection and into parking lot. Another vehicle also followed and very quickly a FHP arrived. The FHP said my sons eyes were bloodshot and he smelled alcohol. He did field sobriety test and BAC. My son was very nervous and said he did consume 6 beers. He was sent to Pasco. County jail and released the next day on ROR. He is a college student with a part time min wage job. He does have a PD assigned. He needs to be able to drive to school and work. Does he have a defense and approximately how much would a lawyer cost and do they take payments. And his per work said reg for substance abuse program Within 10 days. Is this the same as DUI counter attack program
You need to immediately contact a DUI specialist in that area to assist your son. There are ways to keep him driving...
Will FL permit a restricted license with the installation of the interlock device resulting from a suspension in another state?
A friend has a suspended driver's license in Florida from 2004. In 2006, his driver's license was suspended in Arizona resulting from a DUI. He has lived in Florida since 2009 and has no intention of going back to AZ. He is required to have an interlock installed for a year to remove the AZ suspension. He has met the requirements to have the FL suspension cleared, but they won't clear same without AZ removing their suspension. It is our understanding that he cannot purchase a vehicle or register one without a valid driver's license. We are simply trying to get him driving legally.
Your friend will need to have an interlock device installed on a vehicle that he uses. It could be a vehicle that...
Will I be allowed to drink at all during my probation?
I'm on 12 months probation for DUI and one of the conditions states that I will not use any intoxicants to EXCESS nor visit any place where intoxicants, drugs or other dangerous substances are sold, dispensed or used UNLAWFULLY.
Unless the sentencing judge specifically ordered you to not consume any alcohol, what you have presented is a standard...
Can I bypass the interlock, counseling or both by getting my DUI expunged or because it has been 5+ years since my conviction?
I got a DUI in 2010 and blew a 0.18 BAC. I am required to have an interlock on my vehicle. I deployed to Afghanistan while on probation and had a bench warrant put out for my arrest. It took me awhile to get that cleared up and get back on my feet after deploying. I was off and on having an interlock and in my required alcohol counseling due to employment and vehicle issues. in the past 2 years of not having an interlock or driving due to not having a vehicle I have straightened out my life and have a good job and money to get my license back. I am trying to get a job contracting overseas and need to have a full driver license to do so. It would be extremely helpful if I can expedite this process somehow.
Q: Can I bypass the interlock, counseling or both by getting my DUI expunged or because it has been 5+ years since my...