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Unemployable due to DUI and drug possession charges in 2013?
In July 2013, I was arrested for 11377 (F), 23152 (M), and 11550 (M). It was my first arrest. My lawyer said that he split my case into two separate case numbers in order for me to be accepted into the diversion program, as the DUI charges would have prevented me from getting into it. I never really understood the rationale he gave me. I successfully completed the required alcohol and drug classes. In August 2015, my now-former employer laid a bunch of us off. Since then, everyone has found work except for me. I am panicking because I haven't even received one phone call requesting an interview. I have a sinking feeling that my arrest record is to blame. Would Prop 47 help me out by reducing my felony drug possession charge to a misdemeanor? What about expungement?
Prop 47 would most likely reduce the felony to a misdemeanor. A 17(b) reduction to a misdemeanor might be better for...
Do I need a breathalyzer installed in my car to re-instate my restricted driver's license (los angeles county)
on may 3,2013 I had a dmv hearing on my dui (.08 ) and got my driver's license suspended for 4 months.On may 8,2013 I went to court in la county and my dui was dropped to a wet and wreckless,but no suspension of driver's license.my suspension from the dmv begun on july 14,2013 and the 30 day waiting period is august 13,2013.i have prove of a dui program enrollment form DL101 and my SR22 ( this is my first dui )
No, what you mean is the Ignition Interlock Device (IID) and it is not required for a wet reckless (if that's what you...
Wet n dry and driver license suspension
I was stopped with a 0.89 dui but with a specialist the reading was reduced to 0.7 in l.a. county court.i got a wet n dry conviction but at the dmv hearing , my license was suspended based on the 0.89 reading and dui a week prior to court, can I do anything to change this dmv suspension
Did you have a lawyer for the DMV hearing did you present any evidence. You can ask for a departmental review or...
DUI in the State of Utah?
I was in Utah for the weekend and I had gotten pulled over for speeding in the process I told the police that i did have some marijuana with me . I do have a medical card for my condition from California state. And it is illegal to carry the marijuana with me in the state of Utah. I did get tested to see if I was sober and I did not pass even though i was not under the influence the police did not make there decision until they took my blood test, and I had told them that I was not smoking in this state of Utah. I was charged with a possession and a DUI but that was after they took my blood test that they found thc ofcourse they were because I am a regular smoker. But when they took the breathalizer it was a 0.0 nothing. What can I do?
You need to ask this in the Utah section of Avvo. Laws vary widely from state to state, and you need someone who can...
Would I be able to do a DUI program online?
I have been charged with a DUI by the DMV, currently awaiting a court trial in May. Would it be possible to do a DUI program online, as it would be very useful and easier for me to complete considering I am busy Mon-Sat, and if so, how would I be able to find one that is legitimate? This is a first time DUI, no accidents or anything
Unfortunately, the California DMV will not accept an online course.
What happens if you fail to do all the requirements for a DUI in CA?
Had a previous record of a felony for theft about 7 yrs ago, took care of it brought down to misdemeanor. Four yrs ago got a DUI, did not appear in court, community service, AA class, and did not pay the fine. What is to be expected? Warrant? Jail time? Out standing fees?
An FTA on a misdemeanor will result in a warrant. A private attorney can recall the warrant without your presence in...
Question regarding a Los Angeles DUI
I got in Los Angeles in Dec 2016. I plea guilty. Can i avoid installing the ignition interlock device if I don't apply for a restricted license. In other words, can I wait out the entire suspension, then apply for a license without the IID? if so how long must i wait?
The answer is No,....................