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My friend got a DUI and got his driving license suspended can I drive his car without affecting my driving record ?
What do I need to do to drive his car with regards to paying insurance and registration in such a way that does not affect my insurance rates / driving record ?
Sure you can drive his car provided you have a valid license and the vehicle is registered and insured. Knock yourself out.
Can some one tell me how ARS 28-1383 (D) and (E) legal when the contradict subsection (H) and ARS 13-116?
Does this not violate due process and equal protection clause of the 14th amendment? This is a sentencing law subject for all felony DUI's and not a case or trial law subject.
I am not licensed in Arizona, but your question just does not make sense. Can you reword it, please? Are you asking...
DUI and EB2 green card immigration process?
On which document do I mention about my DUI? Would it be on perm documents, i-140, i-485 or any other doc?
The PERM and I-140 are employer applications - so there is no issue with your DUI. That will be raised during your I-...
My Son got a 2nd underage consumption ticket and a charge for 'failure to appear' to his 1st court date in Maricopa County..HELP
He completed the diversion program the first time and I am afraid that these 2 misdemeanors will go on his permanent record plus he will be facing big fines. Is there any way to get the charges reduced through a plea bargain or get him to do community service or a class? What are our options and how can I help him Thank you in advance for your assistance
Thank you for the questions and comments. Indeed, these underage consumption convictions are getting more and more...
Can I travel to Canada with a misdemeanor DUI?
I was convicted of a misdemeanor DUI in April 2014, can I travel into Canada?
You can try traveling to Canada but you may be criminally inadmissible to Canada and denied entry.
What kind of lawyer do I need, if I need one?
My husband got his 2 and extend DUI while driving a car that was in my brothers name. Car was towed and mesa PD have a 30 day hold but will release it to my brother with a fine. My brother won't get the hold taken off because he worried about going into the police station and getting questioned or charged with something. Does he need a lawyer? If so what kind of lawyer does he need just to get the 30 day hold taken off?
You need to be more worried about your husband's second DUI. He needs a DUI lawyer as soon as possible. There are many...
DUI and fear of being inadmissible at POE in USA
I was charged with DUI (July 2012). I pled guilty (Feb 2013). I was charged with 2nd DUI ( Jan 26th, 2014) I went to India in Feb 2014 for H1b visa stamping. I stated both the DUIs in my documents but the visa officer asked me only about my 1st DUI. I did medical evaluation, got my visa stamped and returned via LA in Feb 2014. I am not sure why visa officer in India or immigration officer in LA did not ask about 2nd DUI (probably because it was not processed by court and it was not showing up in their systems or because the case was still pending). Today, I was found not guilty for 2nd DUI (simple DUI, extreme DUI, super extreme DUI) and leaving the scene of accident. No one was hurt in accident. I am going to India in 3 months. Could I be deemed inadmissible at POE in USA when I get back?
Are you a U.S. Citizen? This really seems like more of an immigration question. I'll edit the practice area for you.