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Had a felony DUI set aside did I get my gun rights back?
I had my judgement set aside does that mean I got my gun rights back? or do I still have to apply? ARS 13-907(D) states D. Notwithstanding section 13-905 or 13-906, if a judgment of guilt is set aside pursuant to this section, the person's right to possess a gun or firearm is restored. This subsection does not apply to a person who was convicted of a serious offense as defined in section 13-706.
Speak to the attorney who handled your case.
Can I hire a lawyer for my girlfriend?
My girlfriend was arrested in AZ for an extreme DUI. Shes not taking it very well and suffers from anxiety any time i bring it up to her. She has court in a week and still hasn't talked to an attorney. Can I hire one for her? What should I be doing to help her because this is going to affect us both. Time is running out and Im frustrated because I feel powerless is this situation.
Yes, however your girlfriend would have to agree to the representation. Depending on her financial situation, she may...
I got arrested for a DUI in AZ and I'm not from the state. What are my options?
I blew a 0.089 and got arrested for a DUI in AZ. I'm not from AZ so I don't know what to do. I was driving and following GPS directions which told me to turn right. I was in the center lane and needed to change lanes and just before i changed lanes i was pulled over. The police officer said I left my lane multiple times but i know i didn't. I had only driven a very short distance after making a left turn before I was pulled over. I pulled out a parking lot to make the left turn. I needed to turn right about 50 yards ahead of where I got pulled over. I was taken to the mobile dui station and given a blood test. It was my 1st time for such an offense. Am I facing jail time? Is it mandatory that I come back to court or can an attorney represent me? I don't know what to do.
Depending on where you were leaving from, there are spots where the local police wait for people to leave and then pull...
How hard is it to fight a Interlock Extension at the ADOT Executive Hearing?
I am less than two months away from having my Interlock removed. Last night I checked the mail and got a Corrective Action Notice, stating my time is to be extended. The event in question happened last month. I was out of town in Flagstaff, and when I went to start my vehicle I received a warning. I called my Interlock provider and told them that I was dead sober and had not been drinking. They cleared my machine, and I proceeded to drive from Flagstaff to Phoenix, and passed the subsequent 8 tests with .000%. I later found out that the first test was .127%. This obviously is a malfunction or contamination issue. Do I need to hire an attorney, or is this black and white enough to fight myself? I just started a new job, and I'm low on cash. Are these judges reasonable?
Your chances on resolving this issue are better if you hire a local lawyer that can argue your case.
DUI Laws in Arizona?
Ive been told .01 is a DUI even above 21 years of age. Is this true? If not, what are the DUI laws here?
There's a legal distinction between DUI and DWI. DUI does not require a BAC test. I've attached the relevant statute...
Fingerprint order?
I was arrested a few months ago for DUI and was given a fingerprint order by the Muni Court which I complied with. I was recently arrested again for DUI and I'm anticipating an indictment for aggravated DUI (not been charged just DUI as of yet) as a result. I got another fingerprint order. Do I need to comply a second time since they have my prints and vitals requested the first time around?
Ask your criminal defense attorney about this -- you must have one given the gravity of the charges you are facing!
Distraught about super extreme DUI?
I was charged with super extreme, my first EVER offense that my BAC came back confirming as extreme. I did hire a lawyer as a soon as I was charged. I'm waiting the results of my MVD hearing(under advisement but was told not to be hopeful as they were civil proceedings) but I'm not hopeful from what I've read on here. Do I still get sus'd 30 days and can get a restricted for 60 days for work? I keep asking my lawyer what I can anticipate with the hearing statue but my PTC is next is not until next month, but I'm beginning to feel as there is no defense and my lawyer (who is top on aavvo) - peer & clients ) isn't going to help me. Should I consult another lawyer? How do I proceeded? What can I be pleaded down to? Can I be pleaded down? I feel like I just paid this man just to plead guilty?
Candidly, there aren't always defenses available in DUI cases. You're always welcome to consult with another attorney,...