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Dui question
I caught a misdemeanor charge in San Bernardino county for public intoxication and disorderly conduct and have court in 2 weeks in san bernardino. Im on probation in Riverside county for my third dui. I got 2 questions, how will Riverside find out I got arrested in Rialto, can a lawyer represent me without me having to go, and also the DA hasnt pressed charges in San Bernardino nor Riverside. Also can I get arrested if I do go to court? Thank you.
1) San Bernardino will notify Riverside of a "potential probation violation". It will be up to Riverside whether they...
Will my son be able to get a temporary or restricted license? Will he need a lawyer?
He is 19 and has recently been pulled over and blew a .04% BAC. He was not arrested that night, but did admit to drinking a few beers earlier that night.
yes your son needs a lawyer. was he given a citation and temporary license? he needs to contact DMV and appear in court....
Can California suspend my license for a DUI 10 years ago in Minnesota when I fulfilled all the requirements in Minnesota?
I tried to apply for a CA license after moving back 10 years from Minnesota. I was told I had a DUI and after being really confused she told me it was in Minnesota in 2006. Even though I did all the requirements classes, fees, fines, probation in Minnesota and still have my Minnesota license, Can California suspend my license and make me do a 90 day treatment program and get an SR 22? This was 10 years ago in a State other than California and I paid all my time and dues and classes!!!! That don't make sense!!!
It all depends on what CA DMV says. You can hire an attorney to go over all of your paperwork and tell you what action...
Failed to sign up for drinking driver program! I was found guilty of two separate DUI's a few months ago.
I was put on probation and also the work release program for 80 days worth of time. I was ordered to sign up within 5 days of sentencing for two different classes, drinking driver A-AB541 and D-SB38. I didnt go sign up and I guess they reported me and have filed a program termination and referred me to the courts. I called the sheriff and theres no warrant out for me at this time. What is going to happen? Will i be facing jail time now.
Quite possibly. Consult your attorney ASAP. If he no longer represents you, hire a new one immediately.
Could i avoid jail time due to driving with a suspended license?
The reason why my license was suspended was because of a dui and what can I do to avoid jail time? The reason the officer pulled me over was a fog light was out
You need an attorney to handle this for you. Driving on a license suspended for DUI is a serious charge. If you are...
Dui underage, 2nd offense
Minor 14 year old got a dui 8 years ago, got another dui at 20 will I have to do jail time?
A DUI in the juvenile court would be an adjudication rather than a prior conviction for purposes of the criminal case....
How do appeal a chp invoice on a dui accident
The chp is charging me for hours I was not in custody, I wrote a dispute with my hospital documents stating the correct time I was actually in the officers custody before I was released as a 5150 to the ER and asked them to ammend the invoice to the correct hours to minimize my amount due but they denied it even with my proof how do I appeal this?
What exactly is the invoice for? Time spent in custody? Or is it something else? Generally, there should be a...