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Can my husband get deported on his first dui
He got a dui today at 2am he was taken in ,but I'm worried he will get deported .its his first thing in his record he has no felonys tickets nor misteminer we have a new born baby together what are the chances of getting deported
There is not enough information to answer this question. If your husband is not a citizen, he should consult with an...
Do I facing jail time because I am in dui probation and get caught in misdemeanor hit and run?
I am in dui probation and a week ago I was trying to find a parking spot at the garage at work I hit a parking car wwithout I even know but someone report me and two days ago I.got a note on my car aasking me to meet chp officer regarding damage on right side on my car, I explaind to him all and that I didn't know so he got all my insurance info and told me that was a minor damage to.other car cost roughly $1000.00 and he won't file misdemeanor charge for hit and run against me until he will watch the video (I am working at casino so at the garage some camera ccovarge) and if he found ssomething make him change his mind then he will find the charge against me, so please worse case if he did what I expect? Also how long until I.find out? And what the best way to.get it fix because I still on misdemeanor dui probation just one year left to drop it off ,I finished all the dui punishment and make payment for the fine. Thanks.
yes you do and the Criminal Defense attorney you hire or your fee one from the Court will advise.
Why am I charged with two DUI's from the same night?
I was pulled over on side of the road. The car quit running. Called for a ride. About an hour later a officer pulled over and asked me what i was doing? I explained i was waiting for a ride and a tow truck. Then the officer gave me a breathalizer it turned out a .08. Now i have two charges of dui. Why? I have a clean driving record and no prior dui's. Spoke with a lawyer said he can get it reduced to wreckless driving. Is this true?
You are charged with two different DUI sections--1 for driving under the influence, and 1 for driving with a blood...
It has been over 10 years since my DUI did all of my classes but did not complete my exit exam, is there a statue of limitations
I moved out of state due to a severe domestic violence issue, and I was on probation so when interstate compact gives you a time to leave you must leave, so that is why I did not complete my exit exam with the DUI course. I have not drove in 10 years and im honestly want to move on with my life and feel held in the past by this, I printed my CDMV report off and the codes appear as such DRV LIC susp. 06-06-05 AUTH: 1336524 service 1-25-06 DRV LIC suspended eff. 7-19-06 AUTH 13365 fail to appear 10-3-06 can you please give me advice on what I can do or how to go about resolving this issue without having to go back to CA. I will not under any circumstances ever go back there, due to the dv issue. and im living 1,800 miles away and the Att. out here cannot help me with this issue.
You should hire a local attorney to try to clear this up for you. The elephant in the room is the DV issue as you...
If the box on the Temporary License is unchecked for the suspension stay, does that mean it was not applied?
I called and requested a DMV hearing and a stay to maintain full driving privileges, however, the temporary license that came in the mail only shows the date and time for the scheduled hearing. Does that mean it was not applied and the 30 day suspension will take effect?
Is your hearing within 30 days of the arrest?
Dui question
I caught a misdemeanor charge in San Bernardino county for public intoxication and disorderly conduct and have court in 2 weeks in san bernardino. Im on probation in Riverside county for my third dui. I got 2 questions, how will Riverside find out I got arrested in Rialto, can a lawyer represent me without me having to go, and also the DA hasnt pressed charges in San Bernardino nor Riverside. Also can I get arrested if I do go to court? Thank you.
1) San Bernardino will notify Riverside of a "potential probation violation". It will be up to Riverside whether they...
Will my son be able to get a temporary or restricted license? Will he need a lawyer?
He is 19 and has recently been pulled over and blew a .04% BAC. He was not arrested that night, but did admit to drinking a few beers earlier that night.
yes your son needs a lawyer. was he given a citation and temporary license? he needs to contact DMV and appear in court....