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Failed to sign up for drinking driver program! I was found guilty of two separate DUI's a few months ago.
I was put on probation and also the work release program for 80 days worth of time. I was ordered to sign up within 5 days of sentencing for two different classes, drinking driver A-AB541 and D-SB38. I didnt go sign up and I guess they reported me and have filed a program termination and referred me to the courts. I called the sheriff and theres no warrant out for me at this time. What is going to happen? Will i be facing jail time now.
Quite possibly. Consult your attorney ASAP. If he no longer represents you, hire a new one immediately.
Dui underage, 2nd offense
Minor 14 year old got a dui 8 years ago, got another dui at 20 will I have to do jail time?
A DUI in the juvenile court would be an adjudication rather than a prior conviction for purposes of the criminal case....
How do appeal a chp invoice on a dui accident
The chp is charging me for hours I was not in custody, I wrote a dispute with my hospital documents stating the correct time I was actually in the officers custody before I was released as a 5150 to the ER and asked them to ammend the invoice to the correct hours to minimize my amount due but they denied it even with my proof how do I appeal this?
What exactly is the invoice for? Time spent in custody? Or is it something else? Generally, there should be a...
Any chance of getting my sentence moved down from a DUI to a wet reckless?
I was extremely cooperative and did ok on the tests that they gave me and the officers told me that they appreciated my honesty etc. but i blew a 0.16% on the breathalyzer and they had me submit a blood test that I don't know the results of yet.
Depends on the circumstances involved and what an thorough investigation turns up. I've had some success with getting...
This is my second dui in a year. Will I have to do jail time? By getting an attorney, what should I expect as an outcome?
is it mandatory to do jail time, How will I be able to drive to work if I loose my drivers license, will I be granted a restricted license?
There is mandatory jail time, however, you may be able to serve it through some sort of alternative such as the County...
Do I have to maintain SR22 insurance for three years in CA if I move out of state?
I received a wet reckless and was ordered to maintain sr22 for 3 years and summary probation for 3 years. I will be moving out of CA after approx 1 year after the court ruling.
You will still have to comply with the court's order. Since it is summary probation, you will not likely have to...
DUI with and BAC level .09 and am a first time offender. I got pulled over for "swerving" by CHP. I told him i was on my phone
I took a FST and then asked to take an "optional" breathalyzer. I asked if I passed my FST, the officer then asked if I was declining, then I asked again and then he said i was declining and put the cuffs on and put me in the car, read me what seemed like a standard paper. Then about 30-45 minutes from first pulled over was taken to the CHP station where he asked if i wanted a breathalyzer or blood test. I blew once then told him I was fighting a cold and had some NyQuil earlier. I then blew again and he said it was a .09, over the legal limit. He joked w/ his partner about how he doesn't know of any cold Medicine That would make me blow a .09. Then asked why I didnt tell him earlier and I said I was nervous, scared and never been in this situation. % Wet & wreck-less is a possibility?
A wet reckless is a possibility, but you should explore what defenses you may have on the merits--do not assume you...