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What should I do about my outstanding DUI?
I got a DUI in Colorado two years ago that hasn't been taken care of. There is a warrant out for my arrest. I am now living in California and this is my third DUI. If continue not to do anything about it and wait to get caught what should I expect to happen to me? Also if I did want to fix this whole situation how would I go about doing it?
If you wait to get caught, the warrant could be outstanding for a minimum of about 7 years up to forever. DUI warrants...
Can I claim innocent of the dui since I technically wasn't driving drunk?
Got into a car accident and pulled over to the side of the road. Asked the other party if they were calling their insurance company, they said yes. I got back in my car to wait. I hadnt drunken anything all night and I had some liquor in my car, so I decided to drink while I waited for the insurance company to show up and do a claim. I figured my car was going to gett towed after the wreck and I was right up the street from my aunt and cousins house so I would just walk there. Turns out they called the cops and not the insurance company and I got dui after blowing a .113 on the breathalyzer. I have one previous DWAI from 6 years ago.
You can claim anything you want. It doesn't mean that the defense will work. Talk to a good criminal defense attorney...
Can a minor get a dui expunged in Colorado?
Got arrested for dui at 17 blew a .17 2 years probation lost license for a year 48 hours community service.
Assuming you were charged in County Court and not Juvenile Court, then you cannot seal or expunge it. However, if the...
How much does a dui lawyer cost?
How much does a dui lawyer usually cost, what is the best outcome. I have an offer of 45 days in jail with 2 years probation. Is it worth Getting an attorney. Or just go with public defender.
DUI lawyers run the spectrum to starting for less to some that won't start without a substantial retainer or flat fee...
How long can they have you on a tail on a dui?
I have a friend that got a dui and they gave him a 5 year probation tail here in Colorado . I have heard that the law has changed to they can keep you only for 2 yeares is this true?
No clue what a probation tail is be interested to see what co lawyers say.
Is it possible to get a dui removed from your record to get a job ?
Lets say that I have good time under my belt . I have also proved that I have had help with alcolhism can i get a dui removed from my record? How much woukd it cost and what is the process?
Unfortunately, a DUI can never be removed from your record. The statute specifically states this. Sorry.
Trying to decide if I should take a deferred judgment for a DUI charge
I was arrested for a dui 6 months ago in Arapahoe county. I have hired an attorney and I was able to win the motor vehicle hearing. The DA is offering me a deferred judgment and even though I have a strong case, my attorney thinks I should take it if I want to avoid trial. What kind of probation is involved for a dui deferred judgment and once I complete it, will the dui be off my record? Will the fines, classes, drug screening, etc be the same as if I was on probation for a DUI? My attorney is on vacation so I can't ask him.
I will tell you from the standpoint of Arizona law. Typically, a deferred judgement means that the Court holds off on...