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How to get my lic. back
I got a dui about 18 years ago I have not had a drivers lic. because of this for 18 years is there any way possible to get my lic, back . At the time my lawyer told me it was a fine only of $200.00 he did not tell me about the state would pick it up and suspend my lic. I have not done anything to get my lic. back. I am now handicapped but I need to get a lic. this happened in moore okla.
Go down to your local licensing agency and ask them what you have to do, if anything, to get your license valid.
Is it possible to avoid getting an Ignition Interlock Device installed in my vehicle? First DUI offense, but i didn't blow.
My offence really pertains to marijuana, I lucked out and got a DUI instead of possession (what with me being a college student). I've paid my fines, finished DUI school and VIP, my next court date is Aug 15, on that date my sentence will be reduced to public intox...I really don't want an IID installed, I don't really drink and the cost will be tough next semester. I know that DPS handles the IID not the court...can a lawyer help me this late in the game?
In most state you only have a certain timeframe to challenge license revocations/suspensions (i.e., 30 days from...
Two wrecks in a month. How will my attorney handle this?
I'm 28 years old from Oklahoma I was in my very first auto accident about a month and a half ago. I have been receiving treatment for this accident for 3 weeks now. My fiancé and I were on our way home a few nights ago and were driving in the interstate an was rear ended and we flipped our car and I believe my injuries have been complicated now. My question is my girlfriend has full coverage and uim as well. Do I need to consult with my attorney about the new accident. And how will it be handled. I just don't want my fiancé to be sued in the long run because the driver of the other vehicle left the scene I the accident!
Yes, you will need to advise your attorney. You can tell him your concerns. He is obligated to follow your directions....
How much jail time wil u get driving with suspended license after 3d offense and will there be a bond if you go on the weekend
If there is insurance on the vehicle but cant find the documents will they still charge you?
That is tough to answer. There are many possible variables. Are you on probation for any of the DUIs? Therefore, you'...
License was taken by officer in a traffic stop accused of dui
When completing a form for reinstament for driver license do I request for a hearing or a modified driver license?? What is the difference?
Sorry you're having this difficulty! The DUI process is pretty confusing. There's the "criminal" side and the "DPS"...
Reinstate my driver's license after D.U.I. expunged, court records reason listed as, "Failed To File".
In 2013, my sister was arrested for a D.U.I. in Oklahoma. She paid all court fees, completed all classes & community service. No interlock was installed, as she chose to forgo driving since the incident. Online court records list "Failed to File" as the Reason/Cause. Can she now go to the DMV and get a driver's license?
She should be able to reinstate her license if she completed the time of the revocation period (and it sounds like she...
I got charged with a misdemeanor dui and bonded out can they change it to a felony? I have 3 prior dui's and im not on probation
I have court with city municipal cout ...an have priors ...can they change it to a felony if im charged as misdemeanor?
Yes, the prosecutor can amend the charge to a felony if your prior DUI's qualify to accelerate the case to felony...