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Would it better to plead not guilty to a OWI and try to get it as impaired driving?
I was pulled over and got a OWI and a possession charge. And I don't know which direction to head in.
Your best bet is to get a defense attorney. They will know your options, and ways to proceed, and can discuss whether...
14yrs. ago mis: dui classes, charges paid. 2015 2nd mis dui what charges fines can my car besiege? Is a lawyer needed?
Past assault charged, two domestic violence charges. Probation over five yrs ago completed 1st time. 1 year 2nd probation served completed just under two moths ago classes, fines paid.
I am not a MI lawyer and cannot comment on matters of MI law or procedure but, I can tell you that in Florida, where I...
My first dui pv
I was put on probation and now have a pv for not paying off my fines in time. When I was working I was able to pay weekly and now I'm unemployed. I'm about to start community service and was wondering will that be enough, on top of this was my only dui ever from 2004
Your best bet is to submit job applications to all local businesses well before the PV Hearing, and bring copies of all...
What does it mean when judge says they normally don't give court appointed lawyers if you're not goin to jail at arraignment
Went for second dui and paraphernalia. Asked judge if could get court appointed lawyer. And she said they normally don't give them unless you are facing jail. Sentencing is in a week. Should I be worried?
Judge is correct. Public Defenders are normally reserved where a person is looking at jail time. Should you be...
Car accident, got oui, and drug paraphernalia. Already have had a dui in different county.
My friend flipped his car going no more than 30mph into a ditch when his racing tires hit a wet spot on the road he lost control. He got charged with oui he blew a .135 and drug paraphernalia Bc they found a bottle that smelt like weed. He already paid off his dui in a different county 9-10 months ago. What would his jail time look like in lenawee county.
Your friend is in serious trouble. He needs an attorney very badly. Other than that general observation I cannot give...
What am I facing....OWI in Lenawee County, Mi.
I got an OWI and Im currently looking for a lawyer. I lost control of my car and ended up perpendicular to the road with my front tires stuck in snow. I got out and checked for damage and my door shut. It was locked and running. I didn't know what to do so I just started walking. I got about a mile or two away and was stopped by a sheriff. He asked if I was drunk, if that was my car and I said yes. Tired and cold I couldn't perform any road side test affectively. Blew a .13 but charged with .15 once we took the test at jail. First offender not much income and just don't know what to do!
Did you make any admissions as to the last time you drank? They will have to prove that you had drank prior to driving...
My restricted license was suspended for a probation violation until 06/18/2013 that was what the judge ordered it is now
07/05/2013 and the probation dept will not give it back what can I do?
I am assuming you we're convicted for a drug offense. It is not a decision for the Probation dept. but rather the...