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  • Man arrested for multiple Callaway County thefts

    Monday Feb 6 | via KMIZ 

    The Callaway County Sheriff's Office announced Monday criminal charges have been filed after several theft related investigations in the southern part of Callaway County, particularly around Holts Summit , Tebbetts, and Mokane. On Jan. 17, the Callaway County Prosecuting Attorney's Office charged Joseph Green with first degree burglary regarding a commercial burglary of a Holts Summit business that the Callaway County Sheriff's Office investigated on Sept.


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DWI Trial with BAC of .10 by blood draw. Charged as persistent offender. Take to trial or accept plea?
What are the odds of beating a DWI if taken to trial with a .10 BAC by blood draw. Defendant was not behind the wheel when officer approached vehicle, defendant was outside of the car, keys were in ignition. Being charged as a persistent offender. This occurred in Callaway County, MO.
Get an attorney. It is really difficult to say what you should do without knowing your history, number of prior DUI's,...
A friend got charged with MIP and Driving without license. He is an international student. What are the consequences?
He blew a .06 in the breathalyser.
Depends if your friends is charged in State or Municipal court. If charged in State court with a first time MIP the...
If my first DWI in 2010 for usenofndrigs got dropped to imprudent driving does the DWI i got last night count as my first
I just got a DWI for blowing and .08, he had me blow twice in his car and gave me a field test them took me to jail..he gave me a breathilyzer in his vehicle only...not once but twice, why wouldnt he tell me the results of the first one? I believe I was under the limit and the second one I was right on it so i was instantly quilty. I havent had a drink was what i said whenever he asked
You need to retain a local DUI attorney. You have been charged. He/she will participate in discovery and work out a...
Can I be charged with a DUI if the car being pulled over I was not driving?
I was charged with a DUI because cops saw me park my car but didn't pull me over at that time. They sat and waited until I got out of my car and into my ride home's car. They then pulled her over because they saw me get into the car and then arrested me for a DUI. Is this something that will hold up in court as they could have easily just pulled up behind my car while I was still in it but decided to wait until my ride got there and me to get into that car to take any action.
If the police have any reason to believe you were operating an automobile (in your case, it seems they saw you "park"...
Have you ever successfully used the "not driving" defense on a non dui case?
The police have a video of a car similar to mine damaging property by running over it. but they don't have license plate information or a picture of the driver. Have you ever used a defense similar to the dui "not driving" defense if someone's vehicle was seen being used in the commission of a crime? Does it only work in dui cases because the statue specifies that the person must be driving?
The 'not driving' defense is basically the oldest defense in the book the 'I didn't do it' defense. All criminal...
Would i need an interlock ignition device for a dwi conviction from 2002? It was not part of law then.
Purposeful non-driver now needs license for medical emergencies. Received DUI in 2002. DOR now says I need IID to get reinstated.
Time does not make the requirements ordered by the court and/or DMV go away. Wilthout the IID they will not issue a...
Can you be drug tested by urine drugs without your consent or anyone watching you pee.by clayton nurse while getting booked4DWI
higjway state patrol in missouri st. louis had me blow twice tbey wouldnt tell me the outcome of the first one just put my in cuffs asked me a b6nch of questions then had me nliw again and i did, it took a while for me to get him to tell me what i blew he finally said.08..At that time I had no idea what that was I never ever drink and I told him I havent had a thing to drink and that I never drink..anyways i kno mownis like right there at the legal limit...I in moway was impared or messed up..so for some reason he was messing with me, and then he took me to claytom where i got booked and while in mirses office at the end of our visit she told me to pee in this dixie cup so i did all by myself no sulervision and gave kt to her...she stuck something in there waited a few monites and then poured the pee out, was that a pregnamcy test or was she tryi g to test me for drugs just curious
She was probably trying to test your urine for drugs. When anyone is charged with a crime, they need to get a private...