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I received an illegal transportation of alcohol ticket as a passenger in a vehicle. What are the penalties for this offense?
Will this go against my driving record? Is it an offense that I should seek court supervision on?
Yes. Yes. Also, you may get a fine and if you contest and lose, possible court costs.
What do I do with a new car when I just got convicted of a dui
I am losing my license for 5 years what should I do with a jeep I owe 19,000 on. The jeep is worth 14k as it sits. Will I be able to keep car without insurance
There is a provision for it being titled and stored but that is pretty stupid in your case. I'd think you would be...
Can i beat a dui arrest?
I hit a guardrail on way home and was home for about half an hour or more before cops showed up with my front plate that was left on ground. they searched my vehicle that wasnt even warm anymore, did not ask to search vehicle and did not read me my miranda rights. also did not handcuff and did not keep me in jail just booked me and gave me an order to appear and was drove home by cop. while i was gone at station my vehicle was towed from my driveway.
hire a lawyer
DUI in AK on IL License 8 yrs ago
Did 10 classes in Arkansa, lost license for four months, paid fine,and license was reinstated. Moved back to IL..they would not recognize classes from Arkansas. So I had to do 20 more classes, eval, etc. Have went before the state in Springfield 3 times requesting reinstatement and denied all 3 times. Dont know what else to do, where do I go from here?
You probably do not want to hear this but I would suggest hiring an attorney. The attorney can review your last 3...
How to find DUI records
My 6 year old son lives mostly with my ex-wife. She has been on several evening dates recently, and I have heard through the grapevine that she is driving under the influence. Obviously, I fear for my son. How can I find out if she has any DUI's?
Criminal History Records information is only available from the Illinois State Police. Information is located at their...
Getting license back after DUI
What is the average rate for getting license back after DUI? Haven't driven in 7 plus years as I don't have a lot of money. If I get my license back I can get my old job back.
If you are asking about attorney's fees, that question cannot be answered here. Lawyers and law firms set their own...
Auto Insurance Rate for DUI Supervision
Currently under a DUI supervision (first time offender). Plead guilty to DUI since I decided to take breathalyzer at police station. Had my court date and prosecutor and judge agreed to rescind the summary suspension, but still had to put BAID device in vehicle. Received letter from Secretary of State showing suspension was rescinded, off my record, and valid license. Supervision goes to December 2015. Due to the above information, will current auto insurance company or future ones be able to know about this if I complete my supervision with no conviction? I understand that the arrest will never be sealed or expunged and SOS will always show that Summary Suspension on court abstract records. My attorney told me auto insurance companies don't have availability to "court records."
Criminal records are generally public so I'm not sure why your attorney told you that unless your case is to be sealed...