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  • Three charged in Westland homicides

    Thursday Feb 9 | via Westland Observer 

    Three charged in Westland double homicide The three were held without bond and will be back in court next Thursday. Check out this story on HometownLife.com: Dominik Charleston, 19 of Romulus; Amber Hackett, 17 of Taylor; and Kobi Taylor, 19 and homeless, each went before Judge Sandra Cicirelli Thursday afternoon in a packed courtroom and were arraigned on charges connected to the shooting deaths of two men early Monday morning near Norene and Treadwell in Westland.


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  • Troopers estimate the value of the haul at more than...

    Sunday Jan 22 | via WFMJ-TV Youngstown 

    The Ohio State Highway Patrol making a routine traffic stop, seized bags of a marijuana based product similar in appearance to candy. A trooper in Shelby County, between Dayton and Lima, say they pulled over a car on Interstate 75 last week for a turn signal violation.


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Taylor Law

Can i get my license back. 2nd dui after 7year
Drunk. and driving
You absolutely CAN get your driver's license back. There are multiple ways to go about getting driving privileges...
Can I sue the driver for the remaining costs to repair my truck since the driver was drunk?
I was at a stop sign when a drunk driver rear-ended me going 45 mph. He got arrested. The following day i went to my insurance and they said I only get $1000 back cause I have plpd. That's not gonna cover half of the damages. Can I sue the driver for the remaining damages since he was drunk? I've never been in a accident so I don't know what to do.
You can bring what is called a mini-tort action against the other driver in small claims court without an attorney, in...
Can a a driving record be expunged if you have 2 Operated While Impaired By Liquor Offenses In Michigan?
1st Offense 01/1999 2nd offense 05/2006
No, alcohol related driving offenses can not be expunged.
How do I acquire sentencing guidelines/particulars from 2 owi's in the state of Michigan that occurred in 03/1994 & 02/2004.
Heidi's Law negated legislative law in place at the time of these plea's. Convictions cleared due to time limitations are now permanently displayed on secretary of state motor vehicle records.
I'm not sure exactly what you are asking. Sentencing guidelines only come into play if you are convicted of a felony.
My wages are being garnished for fines that occurred over 10 years ago. Is this legal?
Fines involved a dwi
Unfortunately I don't have enough information to answer this question properly. What were the fines for? How do you...
Can I be arrested and jail for hit and run?
I ran into this man this morning 10/11/2013 because I was dutching another person. I hit this white car and I didn't realised it till I get to my destination. I don't know the accurate description of the car I hit. I know I hit him because I had a dinged. I don't even know the damage I put in his car. Am scared and confused. What do I do?
I am a CA attorney and former prosecutor very familiar with this situation but unable to represent you in MI where I am...
How long does the state have to prove there case in a OUI case.
I was arrested for driving under the influence of prescription medicine my blood was taken. I call the court every two weeks. I am not out on bond they confiscated but didn't destroy my license. How long do they have to make a decision?
This is relatively common. All blood evidence goes through the Michigan State Police Crime Lab in lansing. They are...