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If an incident report states that an Alco-sensor test registered .191, should there be a copy of that test as proof?
My husband got charged with open container in a vehicle, and disorderly conduct. He had just drank half a quart of beer sitting in his car. They didn't charge him with dui or public drunk, although the report says he was in a state of drunkenness. They took him to jail and he had to stay overnight. It seems if he registered that high, they would have charged the more serious offenses. There is no copy of the test with the report, it seems to me they added that to make him appear even worse. The disorderly conduct is for looking at a woman through a monocular, which he didn't know was illegal.
Alco Sensor (or preliminary breath tests) do not print a result. They are a screening device. In fact, the numeric...
Can I get my charge for Underage Drinking thrown out if I only had one drink?
My boyfriend had bought alcohol (he is 21) and my ex (19) and my best friend (17) was with us. I'm only 17. My boyfriend ended up getting plastered and having sex with my best friend and got mad at me because i wouldn't have a 3 some with them. He ended up beating me. On the police report it says that i through the first punch and i started the fight when it DID NOT happen that way. He was chocking, punching and slapping me around. Is there anyway i can get this dropped? I only had one drink. Got charged with Underage Drinking and Disorderly Conduct. Also the cops didn't read any of us OUR RIGHTS or BREATHALYZE us
Consult and hire an experienced lawyer. He or she should be able to help get the case dismissed.
What is a dui less safe mean
I got pulled over and gave a less safe dui and 86 in 70 ticket and I was took to jail so what can I be excepting out of all of this. This is the first time I have ever seen to jail and I haven't ever been in trouble with the law
Call me for a free consultation and to discuss your case at 404-985-9772. DUI less safe is charged when either (a)...
DUI reduced
I was arrested for DUI and then it was pleaded to reckless driving. DUI was dropped. I did my background check from police site it disposition shows DUI Nolleporcessed and no mention of reckless conviction. So am I clear to say on a job application I have done not been convicted of any crime. GCIC also does not mention reckless conviction. In any case it was not a conviction but I pleaded gulity to reckless.
A conviction and guilty plea are synonymous. Nolle prossed means the charge was dismissed. But you were arrested for...
Fulton state dui court Georgia
Got dui in Atlanta had it bound over to Fulton state court haven't received a court date as of 8/5/15 it has been two years since arrested o. 8/2/13 what do I do ?
This could be a critical time and opportunity for you. So get your self lawyered up with a good DUI attorney.
Arrested for a DUI 25 years after my first DUI. Will I have any repercussions from it now that I have another DUI?
I have not been in any trouble since. I am not sure if this will have any affect on this new case.
It could. Though the prior conviction does not have any implications on your driver's license or the mandatory...
Is there any way I can reopen a DUI case I plead guilty to?
I plead guilty to a DUI of 0.092 In July. Now immigration has me detained for it and isn't letting me go because I can't prove to be a good moral character even though I've had a clean record since 1994, when I arrived to the US. Is there any way that my wife can reopen my case and fight to take the DUI off or reduced?
At the time of you plea were you warned of potential negative immigration consequences?