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  • Two men wounded in Tarzana shooting

    Tuesday Nov 25 | via LA Daily News 

    TARZANA >> Two men in their 20s were fired upon at least a dozen times in Tarzana Monday night, leaving one critically wounded and the other in stable condition. The shooting occurred near the intersection of Reseda Boulevard and Hatteras Street around 8:40 p.m., Los Angeles Police Department Sgt David Medof said.


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I was arrested for DUI. My license was never taken away from me and I won my DMV hearing. I got a lawyer and they were able to plead me down to a wet reckless. Do I need SR22 insurance? My insurance signed me up for it right after I reported my accident. If I don't need it will it save me some money on my insurance?
One of the conditions with a wet reckless is to maintain SR 22 insurance.
1st 2 dui's, under age & suspicion '99 &2001. 3rd DUI 2003 accident-passenger broken leg & went after ins $$. fought case & lost-served 5 years in prison. 4th DUI 2010 leaving bar in Riverside-Altercation with PO-claimed as assault-served 15Months in Prison. Jan2013 - Passenger in Drug Bust - on ab109- driver released-70k bail - bonded out 5th DUI April 2013 - drinking nite before - standing outside of car w/keys in hand. 100k Bail - Boded out 6th DUI June 2013 - Black out drunk - accident in LA car totaled - 500k Bail. Risking 9 years with 6 year deal. Delancey Street willing to step in & recover to reclaim life. Defendant wants joint suspension? Not a good idea, Please help
OK. So first things first. You obviously recognize how serious this is. For charges this serious and an extensive...
I recently got my first DUI and am still in progress with my asylum case for the immigration, I am 22 years old, i do have my work authorization ( i do work and pay taxes) I have been here in the usa for four years I have a clean record this was the first mistake I have made My concern is that I will get deported. Is there a great possibility for that? will this interfere with me getting my papers. and what should i do ?
You should discuss this with the immigration attorney handling your asylum case, if you have one. If not, you should...
If I got convicted for my third DUI in Riverside but im currently in LA, can I pick up the scram here? I have court tomorrow. Also whats the likely sentence if I dont get it? I did 5 months 1/2 time already. Thank you
SCRAM providers are located throughout CA. You really need to consult with an experienced DUI Attorney in Riverside...
No prior criminal record. Currently I'm represented by the public defender. My two attorneys say they don't believe the DA knows about the other case (they both think I have no crim. record with no pending cases). In essence I'm being offered two different first time DUI offenses. Is this right? If I plead in one, will I immediately have a DUI and then when pleading on the second be pleading to a "second time DUI". My attorneys appear not to know the answer to this question. Thank you.
This kind of thing can happen. Generally it happens when the second DUI is on top of the first and both DUI's are in...
I received a DUI on June 30, 2014. Court date was November 6, 2014. I have not received any papers from the Courts to date. Is this common? Has anyone seen or experience a client in my situation and finally did receive court papers? Thank you.
Yes. This is a lot more common than you think. I assume you went to your court date and they told you there was no...
I got a wet wreck less my first charge almost three years ago. I ended up crashing my car into a tree with passengers. I am being tried with five years prison time. Is this really going to happen? I have a current lawyer but I feel like he isn't doing an amazing job on trying to keep me out of prison because of my mothers need of a person at home 24/7. Help? Please.
If you do not feel like your current attorney is doing everything possible to help you, ask to speak to him face to...