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Is better for my daughter to buy a new insurance or to add her to mine, I have DUI?
My daughter bought a new car, I am paying insurance for her old car . Iam policy holder . Two cars are registered on my liability policy but I have DUI- my insurance is not informed about it. My daughter wants to add her new car to that policy with full covarage
This is not really a legal issue. It's a business decision. Get input from an insurance agent.
Do I need SR22 insurance?
I was arrested for DUI. My license was never taken away from me and I won my DMV hearing. I got a lawyer and they were able to plead me down to a wet reckless. Do I need SR22 insurance? My insurance signed me up for it right after I reported my accident. If I don't need it will it save me some money on my insurance?
One of the conditions with a wet reckless is to maintain SR 22 insurance.
What are my chances of getting my provation terminated early and spunged if the city attorney oposses to my motion?
I was arrested for DUI 2 years ago, at the time of my conviction I pleadge no contest and I was charge with speed contest, no clases or programs were ordered. My punishment was 36 months of provation and pay a fine. The fine was paid at the time of sentensing and I'm 11 months away of finishing my provation .
Well, you have completed all your terms of probation except for the time on probation. Judges are reluctant to...
Can i get deported for my first time DUI while i still have my asylum in progress
I recently got my first DUI and am still in progress with my asylum case for the immigration, I am 22 years old, i do have my work authorization ( i do work and pay taxes) I have been here in the usa for four years I have a clean record this was the first mistake I have made My concern is that I will get deported. Is there a great possibility for that? will this interfere with me getting my papers. and what should i do ?
You should discuss this with the immigration attorney handling your asylum case, if you have one. If not, you should...
Hiring the right lawyer for DUI ?
I just got a DUI in Los Angeles. I want to hire the best attorney I can to represent me in court, but what things are important to look for in obtaining the best attorney I can? Budget is not an issue. Thanks
You wanna be able to speak to the actual lawyer who's handling your case why games here experience level you want to...
Can a lawyer help in my case - dui?
Was driving home after a work social event and unfortunately hit a curb and bumped my head. Transported to er and given sedatives bevause I was in and out of consciousness and disoriented. I never remember police responding but apparently they did and collected blood. The officer put in his report I consented to blood. Is there any legal defense or should I just plead guilty at first appearance. Thanks
Don't plead guilty until you speak to an attorney. You will want an attorney. Find one who specializes in DUIs.
DUI: What do I do now?
OCTOBER 8,2017. I drove from LA in order to drop off my girlfriend for school in UCR around 3:30 AM. The last drink I had was at 10:00 PM and I was drinking a lot of water around 2:00 AM. I stopped on the 60 freeway to assess damage to wheels and take care of girlfriend feeling sick. 2 minutes later, 2 cops show up and ask me to step out the vehicle immediately as soon as they arrive. They ask me some questions and drive my car off the highway. There, they ask me to do a field sobriety test and blow into the breathalzyer. I had a .12 on the field breath but I had a second chemical test at the San Dimas Hospital for blood. They did not read my rights. I was later brought to the San Dimas police jail and was held for 15 hours. They gave me a pink slip, car tow information, and a citation to appear in court at December 19, 2017 at 8:00 AM. I work M-F on 9AM - 6PM in Encino as an accountant. It is the busy season right now for accountants and I have no time to fight this on my own. I live in Granada HIlls, CA. I also have to disclose I have 2 moving violations (U-turn and improper use of middle lane) from 7/31/2017 and 8/31/2017 that I was going to deal with after busy season.
You need to hire an attorney ASAP. First off, if you hire an attorney, they can appear in court without you needing to...