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I have a refusal hearing scheduled at the DMV. A paralegal has offered to represent me for free. Is this ok?
I guess my question is can a paralegal represent me at a DMV refusal hearing? Or do I have to have a lawyer admitted to the bar?
You need to have a lawyer admitted to the bar. A paralegal is not authorized to represnt you (and its actually illegal).
Charged with DWAI, first offense with clean record. What should I do?
Got a DWAI some property damage. First ever offense. Although I was not the driver I stepped in for a loved one who made the absolute stupid mistake of driving intoxicated. Was not in the vehicle but rushed over. Consequences would have been far greater for her than I although I know I may still suffer. Any advice?
Yes. Exercise your right to remain silent and to legal counsel.
What legal action can I take are total by drunk driver while park
My 89 year old mother in law car was hits by a drunk driver while park On the street they towed her car and police left a notice on her door . The drunk driver insurance said her car is total and will give her a Check for $1800.00 which she need to pay for over 30 day of storage . She now have no way to buy another car . What can we do ?
Have your mother in law consider suing him in small claims court for additional damages . Consult with a lawyer first.
Is there anyway i can avoid jailtime for a second dwi
I was driving a friend who was to drunk i blew an 0.08 this is my second dwi i recived my last 1 3 years ago is there anyway to avoid jail
In lieu of jail time (5 days), the judge may order that you complete several full days of community service.
As an independent contractor will I have difficulty driving with my NY conditional license ?
I'm a certified golf professional who earns income from competing in golf tournaments & giving golf lessons. This requires travel to multiple venues. How can I prove this when driving if pulled over? What about driving for practice purposes? Do I stand a chance at actually getting through to law enforcement?
Firstly, be sure you aren't required to install an ignition interlock device. If not, you can drive to and from work...
How many hours should I sign up for?
Convicted of dwi in n y. License revoked 6 month Judge ruled that I can take an online course instead of attending an actual drunk driving program. Judge does not state how many hours to take and the courses run 8-16-24-36 hours
If you want a conditional license during the revocation period, you are required to sign up to the Impaired Driver...
Does DMV suspension override Criminal suspension if criminal case is plead out before DMV.
I was arrested for an alleged DWI in NY. I refused the brethalyzer and now face a DMV hearing plus court hearing. I know the arresting officer will not show up at the first DMV hearing, so it will be postponed. If I choose to plead guilty to DWI in criminal court where I would hopefully receive a conditional license, will I still eventually have to go to the DMV hearing or is that dismissed? If I receive a conditional license from criminal court can the absolute suspension from the DMV overrule the criminal court conditional license? My main concern here is being able to drive to work as I live 80 miles away with transit options being a 6 hour round trip.
No, the refusal hearing is NOT dismissed. If you take a plea and are sentenced before the refusal hearing date, a...