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How to get something off my recorded before or at my curt trail
I was involved in a single car accident and airlifted to the hospital at the seen of the accident the officer charge me with DWI without nothing to indicate that I was impaired when the officer arrived to the hospital my blood alcohol level was .04 knowing that I wasn't impaired she charged me with reckless driving to endanger
How were you airlifted to the "seen" of the accident that was at the hospital? If you already at the hospital why didn'...
My license was permanently suspended for DWI in 1992
License was suspended permanently for DWI IN 1992. Received a stop sign violation 2 1/4 yes ago. Why do I have to wait for three yrs from date of conviction instead of one year. It was my understanding that drug or alcohol covictio s were three year extensions, but not a stop sign.
If you drove while you were permanently revoked, you were driving when you were not allowed to. And you picked up an...
Can I get convicted of dui with no evidence...just a officers word
Officer was at a house where I should up...Just was returning a scooter of the person that lived there. The man who's scooter I was returning collects aluminium cans. There was some in the back of scooter...which happen to be beer cans.. I was taken to jail ,
Moving your question to DWI defense. You will need to provide a lot more info because what you've written gives no...
Can I beat a Weed DWI in trial?
This is my 1st DWI with a clean driving record. I KNOW that details and specifics matter in a case. But have any of you beating a Weed ONLY DWI in court? I can't find examples of people beating a Marijuana dwI at trial. I WAS NOT IMPAIRED but because I was nervous and never been through it I was visibly shaking. I was asked to do ONE field sobriety test and I was arrested for dwi. They took a bloodtest and I suspect there will of course be Marijuana in my blood because it stays in your blood over a period of time. My main question is.. Do you know of anyone beating a MARIJUANA DWI in the state or North Carolina?
Please speak with your lawyer. You've asked about this a zillion times on avvo. Because these charges can sometimes be...
Drunk driver
About a month ago I was involved in an accident involving a drunk driver. I was the driver of my girlfriends car. 2002 saturn L100. My girlfriend has Nationwide insurance and the car was a total loss@$3,000+ in damage. The airbags were not working in the car, as I can only assume the impact would have deployed them. The drunk driver has progressive insurance and he has the North Carolina state minimum. My medical bills have topped out around $7,000+. My injuries sustained were mainly soft tissue injuries but I did also sustain a moderate TBi. I did not lose conscious, but did end up having to be drove to the emergency room later that night. The drunk driver in the span of 3 months has been arrested 3 times for dui including 15 other moving violations. As far as my treatment went I had to have a CT, numerous xrays, and 1 visit to an orthopedic doctor along with a few visits to a chiropractor. Moderate to severe headaches since the accident and overall feeling like trash(soreness,aches,and pains) all of which have subsided %98 in the nearly 2months since the accident. I do have a lawyer but i am just trying to get a feel for what i can expect in that meeting?settlement?
You should be meeting with your lawyer who can review all details and give you a range. Ask why he/she evaluates the...
Will I be able to fight a Marijuana only DWI in the state of North Carolina?
On February 28th I was stopped at a checkpoint at 1:30 AM that was a block away from my house. I had just woken up from my sleep to drive home from my friends house because I had work the next day. I had smoked that night at about 9 o' clock but I was NOT impaired what so ever when I had got in the car. As soon as I stopped the officer smelled the marijuana that I had in my pocket and said my eyes were red because I had just woken up. He preformed ONE and ONLY one Field Sobriety test and it was the One leg stand. I was visibly shaking and nervous and as soon as I had got done counting to the number he told me to count to and put my leg down he arrested me and claimed I was DWI. They took my blood and NEVER offered a breathalyzer. If I had a high amount of marijuana in my blood from being an occasional user, WOULD IT BE POINTLESS to go to TRIAL? I'm currently being told by my attorney that the DA is not willing to reduce the charges at all based on the officers statements where as one of the statements he told about the one leg stand wasn't even a true statement that I apparently "put my leg down multiple times when counting". Attorney says "Wait for blood test, trial if you want to
Impaired driving is impaired driving, whether the impairing substance is alcohol, weed, oxy or mushrooms. If the cops...
I'm on probation for a DUI, was wondering how to see a judge to lift the probation so I can get a great job out of state.
I'm on probation for a DUI, was wondering how to see a judge to lift the probation so I can get a great job out of state.
If you are on probation for a NC D W I, you start with the lawyer who represented you and ask for help. If you did...