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Is a first Florida DUI offense considered a "serious misdemeanor"?
I was charged and convicted for first time DUI in Tampa, FL in 2013. No crash, damage or injuries my BAC was 0.13/0.14. Got the minimum sentence (revocation, fines, CS, DUI school) with no jail time (except for the 8 hrs after arrest) and I completed everything within 6 months. I am about to graduate with a PhD and I am applying for faculty tenure track position in a University in California. The online application form asks the following question "have you ever been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor?" As you can see my struggle is with the design "serious." Even after reading other online posts i am still not sure how to answer without being dishonest. Thanks in advance.
This is not a criminal defense question; It is an administrative / regulatory / licensing question, and no lawyer can...
Can I drive in FL with a NY conditional license?
I was recently arrested for Aggravated DWI in the state of NY, the state I'm licensed in, and I am planning on plea bargaining down to DWI. I have moved to FL since the arrest. I am planning on applying for a conditional license in NY and I'm wondering if I would be allowed to drive within the state of FL using such a license, assuming I'm following the restrictions set forth by the NYS DMV.
A resident of Florida must have a FL driver's license. I assume from your story you are now a resident so I would...
Miami-Dade County BOT for DUI - interlock and comm svc
I am currently on the tail end of finishing the Back on Track program due to a DUI that occurred this January. I currently have the Smart Start device installed on my car, 6 month period. I had an instance a few weeks back where my vehicle locked out due to not Blowing a retest after the car was parked and I forgot to blow, thus creating a lockout. Smart Start was vague on how to report this - they said to call FL DHSMV, but I am on a pre trial diversion agreement program (BOT) ?? I would like to know who to report to, or how to explain it to Court Options. Also, was wondering if I am able to pay for the 60 community service hours required to complete the program. It's hard to balance work and school and find the time to get the hours in. Thank you for your time and assistance.
These are questions that should be able to be answer by your probation officer (diversion supervisor). They should be...
If I was the passenger in a vehicle where the driver was charged with a felony DUI hit and run
Would I receive money if there's a payout from driver's insurance company?
Yes as you were not at fault. There could be an issue of assumption of the risk if you got in car knowing driver was...
I have a failure to appear after being picked up for a warrant, dui in hillsborough county. Really need to get this taken care
Have a warrant in hillsborough county for failure to appear. Stems from dui. Have only 32.00 left to pay on fine. How do i get this resolved without going to jail? Also, court records show satisfyonpayflag is 1. What does that mean?
I suggest you hire an attorney to get this resolved with minimal interruption in your life. If you have a failure to...
How can I get the requirement for an ignition interlock removed?
I got a DUI on 12/17/2008. I was under the influence of prescription drugs. There was no alcohol in my system. How can I get this requirement removed?
Is 2008 the correct year of your offense? Have you had an interlock for 6 years or so? Why are you installing this...
Can I video record my own DUI sobriety test ?
If someone gets pulled over and the officer wants to administer a field test, can the person tell the officer they will only consent to it , if they are able to able use their phone to record everything. These days you can't trust the police since they lie to suit themselves, and to build their case. God will punish those dirty cops on the streets. I wouldn't want to rely on their dash camera since it may not be working , or they may turn it on or off as they please. So my question is can I ask for the entire encounter to be recorded ?
I don't see why not. There is no expectation of privacy in this situation.