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How can I get my dui thrown after conviction
But I just resonantly read the police report the is false statements and I was also told by someone that if the officer that makes the report it should not describe you vehicle as vehicle or a motor vehicle that the have to describe you car or truck is this true can my case be thrown out even though I'm already on probation
That is certainly an argument for your lawyer to make
Would I be able to get a motorcycle permit/license in FL if my license is currently suspended in NC for a DUI?
I have lived in NC most of my life and license here is currently suspended due to DUIs...3 exactly but well from my past 2007, 2008 and 2011 convictions and I received my NC license in 2014 but due to a mistake by DMV they only reflected 2 of my DUIs until end of 2014 when they added the 3rd from 2011 is why I currently am suspended. Ive completed treatment and classes and all things necessary to have a hearing. I am in final stage of awaiting for DMV hearing to get license back with IID requirement. I am looking to move to FL for new job in 2 months and to be closer to family, would I be able to get a FL motorcycle permit/license to operate 50cc scooter at the least? I've looked into the laws and as far as I can tell this is possible but want advise from someone with more knowledge. Also if able to get permit/license for motorcycle is it restricted to 50cc vehicle or would I be able to operate a bigger engine motorcycle legally? Just trying to figure out if I will be able to have own transportation in FL while waiting for hearing. In NC license is not required for the scooter I am currently using, in FL license is required. Thank you!
FL treats out of state DUI's "as if" they occurred in FL. They will require that you complete all out-of-state...
If someone is on probation for dui in florida and move to texas will the probation be under texas or florida rules
My girlfriend got arrested for a dui but hasn't gone to trial yet. She will be receiving probation. I just got a job offer in Texas, which is were she is from and we want to move there. Texas probation is a little more strict than Florida. Will she have to abide by the Texas probation rules and regulations or Florida standards?
Both. You will be serving FL probation, meaning that if you violate then you will be subject to punishment for a...
Can I get a drivers license in Florida if they are revoked in Illinois for a DUI?
I am moving to Florida in a few months and have been working to get my license back in Illinois but it has been very costly and time consuming. I am not sure if I will have everything taken care of by the time I move down. Can I start over down there or how does it work?
No, you must first clear up your Illinois license before obtaining a valid Florida license.
When incarcerate can your phone be taken from your belongings and used by officials.
When I was incarcerate my phone was locked up with my personal belongings. When I was released I realize it had been used by the officials there. There were over 40 text all in one day. They were trying to set up drug deals from my phone. I was not incacreated on drug charges.
You need to file a report with Internal Affairs division of the agency in charge of the jail and don't get rid of the...
Is my cdl in danger of getting suspended ?????
Today i went to my first day at my CDl Class A Job (orientation) i did not know prior to going that i had a hair test aswell as urine test i took the urine and refused to take a hair test the because i was not informed the lady said my license would be suspended from being able to have a cdl job i read online that pre employmentvdrug test wouldnt show up on my Dak report Should i be worried ?
You must have put this into the wrong forum. It is in criminal defense, and I do not see a criminal defense issue here,...
Can I be charged with a DUI,if the police never stopped me in the car ?
I left my house and parked my car on one side of town and left it there. I then went to have afew drinks,in which I get to drunk,and passed out,where I were. When I talked with the police, I were in my house,no where near my car. At the time of talking with police,my car was parked straight in a parking spot. The report says, I blew a .213. When the police talked with me, I were in my house,they called me out of my house and did a field test,then arrested me for DUI and other charges. My car is black with tinted windows,at night,you can not see inside my car,but the police says,someone saw me driving. Before talking with the police, I told my girlfriend,that I was not driving. I passed out,where I were,my car no where near or on the side of town, I were on. That's like a blind man,trying to drive blind,if they say, I blew .213.
Based on what you stated in your factual summary, that you blew .213, and that someone stated they saw you driving in...