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Can I be arrested for a DUI after the fact.
I was in a car crash in Tampa Florida with a parked vehicle. I had fell asleep and drifted into the vehicle but nobody was injured except for myself. I was not arrested at the scene. I had not been drinking, but had cocaine and Xanax in my system. Blood was drawn. Can I be arrested?
Yes, you can be arrested after the fact. Once law enforcement completes its investigation, including the analysis of...
I got a dui in the state of florida this past weekend
I blew a .18, there was a crash with property damage and no serious injuries. I had a dui over 20 years ago. What will the penalties be? How do I get a hardship license for work?
On it's face you are looking at the penalty for an enhanced DUI above a .15. That means you are looking at 12 months...
I am divorcing my husband and he has a bad drug habit as well as some mental issues. We have kids together
Would you request an evaluation immediately after he is served as an emergency motion or wait until we attempt to mediate? Im not sure how I feel about leaving them over there with him until we mediate but if he is looked at and a doctor says he is mentally fit and the judge can require drug test I have no problem with it. I dont know if I should wait until we mediate to see if he would agree on his own or look for a lawyer who will request a hearing right away. Whats the earliest time to request this hearing?
This is not a DUI question it is a family law question. If you are in the dissolution process (and even if you've...
Its possible to get SCRAM monitor for refusal to submit breath test in Florida? I never hear about that
I have two refusals in one year and having offense of Reckless Driving and been ordered to wear Scram monitor.Its legal? thank you
Yes. You can be compelled to wear a SCRAM bracelet. My thought is that wearing SCRAM should be the least of your...
How do the Habitual Traffic Offender laws in Florida work?
Hi. I have 2 dui's on my record in the last 4 years and was recently caught driving while my license is suspended. It is suspended right now because of the 2nd DUI. Right now I'm being charged with a 1st offense misdemeanor DWLS. However according to websites I've read online if you are convicted 3 times with a DWLS or DUI or any combination of that within 5 years you are then deemed a Habitual Traffic Offender and you then receive a felony HTO charge. Is this correct? It's confusing to me. Are the courts going to try and charge me with a felony in this case? Also I understand that if I'm labeled a HTO my license is automatically suspended for 5 years, but the thing is is my license is already suspended for 5 years because of my 2nd DUI. What happens there? Do the 2 suspensions run together or is it one after the other(as in will I now have to wait a full 10 years to get my license back)? Thank you.
You've read right. However the court's dont charge you with anything. The State Attorney does. And they can....
Is there a free lawyer for prisoners dna
My nephew is jail but he dont have money for DNA test what he should do
If he has a PD then his PD can request it. If he has been convicted then contact the Innocence Project, perhaps they...
Is it legal to physically restrain and prevent an employee who has clocked out from leaving to seek medi att who is having panic
Had a very minor accident at work.was told that I needed to take a drug test. I knew that I was clean but due to prior drug test that revealed the use of my prescription medication, I started having a panic attack. The test came back clean but was non conclusive due to temp. I told security and my manager that I was having a panic attack and that I needed to go to the hospital. I attempted to clock out and my manager grabbed my arm and pulled it away from the time clock. I managed to punch out and told them that I was going to the hospital. I was told that I coukd not leave. I told them that when I have attacjs that my BP tends to skyrocket over 200 over 120 and I needed to leave. I tried to walk out and was blocked and pushed back so I pushed them off and tried to walk away. Again I was physically restrained. I told that manager that I needed to walk and was told that I had to walk on the loading dock. I told them that I needed space and if that they could come. I was told that I could not do that. I told my manager again that I needed to go to the hospital. Again I was told that I could not leave. I told the manager that I was leaving and that if i was restrained again I would ki
I do not kn ow what your employer can or cannot do to her/his employees. That is a question of employment / labor law...